Cecilia Yip and Damien Lau always worked well together; Did not change the script

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Cecilia Yip and Damien Lau always worked well together; Did not change the script

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:58 am

Credit : Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Cecilia Yip and Damien Lau always worked well together; Did not change the script

TVB's new series "In the Chamber of Bliss" held its promotional event yesterday. The cast who attended includes Damien Lau, Kenneth ma, Toby Leung, Kristal Tin and Law Lok Lam. But female leads Kathy Chow is currently in Beijing and Angela Tong is not feeling well therefore were absent from the promotion. At the event, the cast split into guy and girl teams to play games with the audience. One female fan was invited to go play with the cast on stage, she had on a T-shirt with Damien's photo printed on it, she appeared quite excited.

Damien had just completed a TVB and Shanghai collaboration series "Growing Through Life". During filming, the cast and co-star Cecilia Yip complained that he changed the script. Damien brought smiles and expressed that he does not have a habit of changing scripts in the 10+ years he's been in the business. Sometimes he would look for a more in-depth understanding of the role. But Cecilia felt that it's hard to adapt to? Damien said that he doesn't think so because they haven't collaborated for that long, so he won't make other co-stars unhappy. He strongly stressed that he has never followed the script word for word when acting, he would often first digest the characteristics first before acting it out. Usually he would first discuss with his co-stars before starting the scene, filming has always gone well, he has never experienced unhappy situations during filming.

Kathy Chow the best in pre-modern series

Towards Cecilia Yip complaining that Damien wanted her to say a particular line, Damien laughed: "When did she do that? Actually she loves to collaborate with me. Chinese people have a saying called 'against will'. I don't believe that she was unhappy. I have already worked with her 4 times since the first time I collaborated with her in Taiwan, how would we not be able to adapt? Maybe she thinks that I don't change enough scripts?" Do you think its because she's jealous this time? Damien laughed and said that there is a possibility, then suggested that Reporters ask her about it. As for the female lead of this series, Kathy Chow, Damien said that he has a very good feeling on her acting in pre-modern dramas, they collaborated happily.

Toby Leung pretends to not know English

Toby studied and grew up in a foreign country, first time being in a pre-modern series, she didn't NG that much. The only request was that she had to pretend she didn't know English, it felt quite weird. In "Growing", she played Damien's daughter, she said that she does not feel Damien would often change the scripts. She strongly supported Damien saying that he has high standards, requesting for good talent is a good thing. So when she finishes doing a scene, she would get his nodd in agreement, this is one of the greatest feeling of accomplishment.

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