[Wedding Magazine] Myolie Wu – Found It

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[Wedding Magazine] Myolie Wu – Found It

Post by summer7879 on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:08 pm

Credit : Credits: baidu forum
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[Wedding Magazine] Myolie Wu – Found It

Having been in this entertainment industry for 10 years, being an A-listed Fadan and also a singer, her results today can be evidently seen by everyone. Throughout the years, she continually seeks for improvement and changes. Her hard work is not put to waste. She finally finds her own direction, and thus, transforming into the present Myolie Wu.

Changes Within The Ten Years

The age of 30 is a crucial stage in a person’s life. It is also a new phase of maturation. From the cute and young Miss HK contestant when Myolie first entered the industry, after going through 10 years, other than becoming more beautiful in looks and having more personality, at this journey of searching and maturing, she also found her own direction in her career and also her targets.

Improvements In Singing Career

So, Myolie already had experience in singing before she entered the industry. “In the past, when I was still studying in England, I took part in a New Talent Singing Competition. But I didn’t win. Got the Most Potential Award.” This award brought about encouragement for her present singing performances.

Last year, Myolie released her debut music album. The reviews were pretty good, and she even obtained newcomer awards at the various music award ceremonies. For artistes who are involved in both acting and singing, having this kind of result is already very promising. Most importantly, she will be releasing her second album at this October.

“In this current economic situation, I’m already very happy to still be able to release an album annually. And this time, there will be more new songs, as compared to the previous ‘Evolve’.” Having been a singer for about a year, everyone has a pretty good impression of Myolie in this area. The most memorable impression will be the first main hit, Solo Travel, and also the drama themesongs like Fortunately etc. “The music industry now is very competitive. If possible, of course hope to become an A-listed singer. But I started out late, so perhaps for other singers who are of the same age group as me, they’ve already been in this industry for many years. No matter what, I hope that there will be a day when I can use sincerity to touch the listeners, and become an all-rounded artiste excelling in both acting and singing.”

Understanding Myolie Wu

Among the countless characters which Myolie has acted in, most of them are the kind-hearted and helpful ‘good people’. This superficial image has already been deeply-rooted in people’s hearts. Although there might be some different occupations or backgrounds occasionally, Myolie, who loves to take up new challenges, hopes that she can act a wider variety of different personalities. She admitted that the characters’ personalities, which she portrayed in the past, were all very different from her own personality. She hopes that in future, she can have a chance to act as herself.
“Main leads don’t necessarily have good or bad. Hopefully, I can try out a strong career woman, kind-hearted but not emotional. The image being cooler, but it’s filled with personality, for example, some humane flaws. For the styling part, it’s best if there’s a need to wear suits, like being a lawyer etc. Because I’ve a fondness for suits. Feel that it looks very stylish.” Actually, for the recent 2 years, it’s not difficult for us to discover the changes in Myolie’s styles – from a gentle, young lady with long hair in the past, to the short-hair, stylish lady with personality. This also reflects that she has already found her own direction. She does not only have a cute side of herself. When she’s back to being herself, it turns out that she can be so different.

Behind the Scene

Recently, Myolie’s rumors are endless. Having such results in her career, this can be considered that she had done herself proud. At this stage, it’s also time to have a plan for the future. “All along, I’m not someone who approves of an early marriage. I think in my case, it should be 35 years old or later.” She also admitted that she needs a family. “Need a warm feeling and security when I reach home after completing my work. If possible, it’ll be great to experience the feeling of having a child as well.”

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Re: [Wedding Magazine] Myolie Wu – Found It

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wow...very gorgous pics of myolie
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