Bowie Lam remains steady around beautiful girls fearing of distraction

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Bowie Lam remains steady around beautiful girls fearing of distraction

Post by summer7879 on Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:13 pm

Credit : Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bowie Lam remains steady around beautiful girls fearing of distraction

Earlier Bowie Lam was in the United States to attend the "2009 Miss Chinese New York pageant" as a guest performer. The event was held in a grand casino Mohegan Sun. Bowie appeared with 30 other beauties in bikinis accompanying him to make his appearance. In a Hawaiian shirt, Bowie sang "Desert Passion" (熱情的沙), bringing up the atmosphere. Bowie frankly said that when he was performing on stage with the beauties, he tried to look steady, fearing that he might be too busy looking at them and forget the lyrics.

When Bowie was singing "Sons & Daughters" (兒女), he went off the stage to shake hands with the audience, the audience immediately rushed forward creating a chaos. When Bowie was singing the theme song to the TVB series "The Gem of Life" - "Diamond Jubilee", many of the audience members shouted his name in the series "Ko Cheung Sing". During the Top 5 finalist portion, the organizers arranged 5 clips from "The Gem of Life" and requested the finalists to act out that scene with Bowie. The finalists were playing both Maggie Siu and Florence Kwok's roles crying and kneeling towards Bowie. Their performances won the applause from the entire place.

Bowie praised that the contestants did very well, they have potential and talent. Their performance was quite interesting. He also said that there are a lot of beautiful girls in NY, he will consider nominating one of them to Miss Hong Kong next year. That night after he completed his performance, Bowie will then need to fly to Canada for a promotional event. When he gets back to Hong Kong, he will be starting on the promotion for new series "ICAC Investigators 2009" as well as working on new series "Heaven and Earth".

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