Men "10 bald, 9 rich", Niki Chow: No Way

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Men "10 bald, 9 rich", Niki Chow: No Way

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:06 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Men "10 bald, 9 rich", Niki Chow: No Way

As the saying goes: "10 bald, 9 rich", but Niki Chow goes against money when she says that if she meets a man who is bald and has a body odor, she will definitely reject him. She even smiled and said: "If you have money, go fix up your head.", looks like Niki has personality!

Yesterday, Niki Chow, Kary Ng and some models attended I.T旗's Isabel Marant 2009 autumn and winter fashion show. In the hot weather, Niki had to appear in a fur vest shouting that it is hot. She expressed that in the summer she's most afraid of men who get sweaty easily. She said: "If a man gets sweaty easily, I cannot accept that, if they sweat a lot there is a certain body odor that comes along with that. I rather have a guy who has a big tummy than a guy who has that smell. As my boyfriend, he should pay most attention to his head and his body odor. ("10 bald, 9 rich"?) If you have money then you should fix up your head."

When asked the single Niki if she has pursuers? She said: "I don't know, I haven't felt anyone that is yet. My mom isn't rushing me at all, I am way too busy, work comes first." Niki then said that she likes her other half to have a designer image, but pays more attention to a couple outfit. Towards Fiona Sit refused to be referred as "middle aged", Niki who is around the same age as her said: "It's hard to say if I mind or not because I need to see how long my life is. If I live until 80, then 40 would be middle aged for me." Speaking of her sister Kathy Chow recently had appeared less in public, Niki expressed that her sister is currently "very happy". But she denies to talk about anything regarding to her sister and her boyfriend.

Kary's chest hurts

Kary Ng who was also present at the event had lost some weight, she expressed that in the recent 2 weeks, there have been many people telling her that she had lost a lot of weight, but she already checked with her doctor and her health is normal. She said: "Lately, my chest has been hurting, the doctor said that my breast bone is too close to my heart. I could do surgery to push the breast bone further away from the heart, but that shouldn't affect the development of her chest area. So now, I'm trying to gain some weight, but it's hard because I am that type of person who eats but doesn't get fat."

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