Kenix Kwok 4 months pregnant; Frankie Lam: A Gift from God

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Kenix Kwok 4 months pregnant; Frankie Lam: A Gift from God

Post by summer7879 on Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:41 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kenix Kwok 4 months pregnant; Frankie Lam: A Gift from God

Kenix Kwok 4 months pregnant; Frankie Lam: A Gift from God

Congratulations! Congratulations! 39 year old Kenix Kwok officially announced that she is 4 months pregnant with her 41 year old husband Frankie Lam. The couple are excitingly looking forward to February 2010 when their baby is expected to due. After overcoming the winds and storms in their relationship, they can finally enjoy step after step of happiness, exposing that they successfully 'made a baby' during their trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Kenix who will turn 40 in November expressed happily with Frankie: "This is truly a gift from God." Recently there has been a report saying that Kenix will retire from the industry to watch closely on her husband? Kenix denied that she will be retiring and also praised Frankie as a responsible good man.

Currently 4 months pregnant, Kenix's appearance looks more like she's 5 or 6 months pregnant instead. She and Frankie lovingly accepted "Mingpao Magazine" interview and shared their feelings of becoming parents for the first time. They expressed that they had always had plans to have a child, May of this year they were involved in a blackmail case, therefore they went to Singapore and Malaysia for a short vacation to forget about the incident. After they came back to Hong Kong, they went to the doctor and it was confirmed that Kenix was pregnant and has been for 4 months. Kenix gained 8 pounds already and her expected due date is late February 2010.

Hopes for twins

Kenix said that Frankie had always wanted a baby, but earlier she was not prepared yet. Up until after she completed shooting TVB new series "Born Rich" in April of this year, she started to let it flow naturally, thanking the heavens for helping them fulfilling their plan. Recently Kenix felt that the baby in her stomach is getting heavier and heavier, more and more movements. Frankie was much more excited than Kenix, once he heard the baby's heartbeat through the ultrasound, he was so excited that even in acting he won't be able to act out this expression and feeling, it's fantastic. Currently they do not know if the baby is a boy or a girl. Asked if they like a boy more or a girl more? Frankie said that they don't deliberately want to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, either one is fine. It would be even better if it was twins. Kenix frankly said that she really hopes for twins, but do not know the answer as of now. Belonging to the older mothers group, Kenix already consulted her doctor for examinations and confirmed that her condition is in very good shape. The baby is in a very healthy state.

Will not retire from the entertainment circle

Earlier there were reports saying that Kenix will be leaving the industry to look after her baby and watch closely on Frankie? Kenix strongly stressed that being pregnant does not mean that she will retire, it just means that at this period of time she won't be doing any series, light jobs such as attending events/promotions and doing advertisements, she still will do. A loving husband, Frankie hopes that Kenix could just focus on her pregnancy and does not agree for her to attend promotional events or shoot series. He promises that he will work hard to earn 'milk money' to take care of his family, wife and their future baby for a healthy and happy family.

Admits relationship was once on the rocks

May of this year, the couple was involved with a Mainland manager Ms. Wong and their phone recording was leaked out into the public. The content stated that Frankie and Kenix had a third party in their relationship leading to threats and blackmailing. At the time Kenix was said to be 3 months pregnant, but she immediately denied. The issue developed further into taking legal action in Mainland courts, they cannot say too much about it. But this incident had deepen Kenix and Frankie's relationship, overcoming the hardships together. Kenix said that she saw Frankie's good side, during the crisis, he was able to deal with it properly and responsibly. Frankie is a really responsible good man. Speaking of their 15 year relationship, have they gone through any crisis? Kenix admits that they have, and it is because of their personality that caused the crisis. Now, they have grown up and matured, they learned to accommodate and understand each other mutually and learned to treasure the relationship. Asked if Frankie had done anything wrong after they were married? Kenix said that if he did, she would have already left him.

Lately they have successfully earned HKD$2.78 million from their property, and is currently looking for a new and better environment for Kenix to happily focus on her pregnancy. Kenix's manager Swan expressed yesterday that Kenix will be focusing on her pregnancy, taking the most rest time as possible. After Frankie finishes with his series in Mainland, he will take some time off to spend with his wife.

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Re: Kenix Kwok 4 months pregnant; Frankie Lam: A Gift from God

Post by bbbear8 on Thu Sep 24, 2009 10:03 am

Congrats to Kenix and Frankie. Wishing them a healthy baby...
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