Lam Suet and Jo Koo chase after their earnings for aTV series "Legal Elite"

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Lam Suet and Jo Koo chase after their earnings for aTV series "Legal Elite"

Post by ron1404 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:48 pm


Lam Suet and Jo Koo chase after their earnings for aTV series "Legal Elite"

Gary Tang producer of aTv production series "Legal Elite" which was filmed last year, has been involved in a financial scandal, owing cast members earnings from the drama. Artistes Lam Suet, Jo Koo and Berg Ng as well as the filming crew have tried several attempts to chase after their earnings from Producer Gary Tang and aTV, but have never got any news of when it will be paid out. Yesterday some of the workers went to the Labour department to get help. Lam Suet hopes that Gary Tang will pay out his earnings for filming the final stages of the drama.

During March this year the workers reported this case to the police. They stated that Gary was owing them 2 months of their earnings. Gary also reported this case to the police and suspected being conned by Producer Ha Chat Suen for the production costs as he could no longer afford to pay the staff their wages.

Yesterday Lam Suet accepted a telephone interview and said "When I filmed Gary Tang's series [Legal Elite] last year, I only received the first and middle stages of my earnings. I have yet to recieve the final stages of my earnings. While I was shooting this series I had to shoot night and day, it was a very tiring. process Of course I am angry that they haven't paid my full earnings. My management company are helping me chase after the amount they owe me. I sympathise with all the workers and hope the labour department can assist them".
Jo Koo stated "They also owe me my earnings for the final stages. My management company have been helping me out and have been chasing for awhile". As for Berg Ng he didn't want to discuss about it and said "It's inconvenient to talk about it right now".

Producer Ha Chat Suen also went to the Labour department yesterday to get help. He said "I have already enclosed all the expense receipts for the production costs along with my legal letter. Gary Tang is still owing me money". He disclosed that he had constantly been in contact with Gary via e-mail.

Miss Wong stated "We met Gary Tang on Feb 9th and he promised he would pay us our earnings in full. But after 2 weeks we couldn't get hold of him again". Gary feels that the workers reporting the case to the labour department are disgraceful. He said "My accountant has already investigated all the invoices and financial documents. His findings are that there is fraud and lies involved. I reported this case to the police on the 8th May. I went to Kwun Tong police station again last week to hand in documents for investigation. I haven't even read any of the aworkers contracts".

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