Joey Meng portrays a ugly drug addict in {Drug Battle)

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Joey Meng portrays a ugly drug addict in {Drug Battle)

Post by ron1404 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:52 pm

Source: Takungpao
Translated by Matchbox
Joey Meng portrays a ugly drug addict in {Drug Battle)

Joey Meng and Hugo Ng collaborate together in RTHK's "Drug Battle", which broadcasts tonight on the TVB Channel. Joey guests stars in the educational documentary and plays a office worker who falls in love with a drug user. She becomes a drug addict and struggles to battle with it. Joey has never played such roles in the past and immediately accepted to play the role when RTHK approached her. She watched movies relating to drugs to prepare herself for the role.

Due to the storyline requirements she was required to look like a ugly drug addict by applying makeup effects. The makeup artist also made her nails look yellow and added wrinkle effects to her forehead. The staff prepared sleeping pills for the distance shots and preps that looked like sweets for closeup shots. While Joey was shooting she accidentally put a real pill inside her mouth and realised she made a mistake when she tasted the bitterness. However she continued to shoot the scene of her taking drugs and didn't spit it out untill the scene was over. It showed that she was very profesisonal in her work.

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