Joey Meng auctions autographs to help raise funds

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Joey Meng auctions autographs to help raise funds

Post by ron1404 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 6:56 pm

Joey Meng auctions autographs to help raise funds
Translated by Matchbox

Hong Kong's aTV (Asia Television Limited), Toronto Chinese Radio and Toronto's New Media collaborate to organise the 4th Miss Asia Pageant Toronto Contest 2009. It will be held today (30th) at Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel. The 10 finalists will battle for the crown by competing in dance, talent, manners, speech and fitness. The winner crowned will represent Toronto in the Miss Asia finals.

The organisers also held a press conference at Pacific Mall, Toronto yesterday. They held an charity auction and Joey Meng auctioned autographs to raise money for Canada's Fu Hui Foundation. Yip Sau Ha chairman of the Pageant thanked aTV and sponsorships for supporting the contest. She also thanked aTV artist Joey Meng for taking time out from her busy schedule to take part as a judge and perform on the show.

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