Ella Koon breaks into the Japanese Industry, to do an English song

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Ella Koon breaks into the Japanese Industry, to do an English song

Post by summer7879 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:49 pm

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Ella Koon breaks into the Japanese Industry, to do an English song

Earlier Ella Koon participated in "The Voice" and duet an English song with one of the contestants. Netizens strongly praised that she is someone who can sing! Ella who went from the idol card to the ability card was spotted by a Japanese company. Soon she will be going to Japan to shoot a MV and release a photobook.

Once Ella entered the industry, she focused on developing her appearances on the big screen, TV and music, but the public was only interested in her rumors. Since she participated "The Voice" as a guest and dueted an English song "Endless Love" with the contestant, many people praised that she is one of singers who could sing. Netizens were on discussion forums praising that Ella is not only pretty, but she also has good singing skills. Some people even started a special group on Facebook "Strongly supporting Ella Koon"

Ella's popularity is rising and has successfully caught the attention of a Japanese company. Arrangements were made for her sing an English song with a Japanese rapper introduced to her by Ivan Wang. As the new MV will be filming in Japan and maybe even release a photo book, looks like Ella is gonna compete with famous models like Angelababy.

Asked Ella if the pay is high? She said: "This is decided by the company, I have no opinions. We should all pay more attention to my work, don't focus on my rumors so much. Then I will already be happy enough. But I do have to say there really are more companies giving me jobs, I haven't been this happy for a while! ( Will you focus on singing English songs?) I haven't decided yet." Towards Netizens suggesting that Ella should change to a new record company, Ella expressed that her company has never gave up on her, she is the person who 'drinks from the source', she probably won't be considering to switch companies. Ella also expressed that her boyfriend originally wanted to treat her for hotpot to celebrate, but because she needs to keep fit, she denied.

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