Timmy Hung experienced "proposing"; Fala Chen as mother in future will "retire"

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Timmy Hung experienced "proposing"; Fala Chen as mother in future will "retire"

Post by summer7879 on Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:32 am

Credit ; Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Timmy Hung experienced "proposing"; Fala Chen as mother in future will "retire"

TVB series "The Stew of Life" held its promotional event yesterday, the two couples Timmy Hung and Fala Chen, Christine Ng and Evergreen Mak appeared in wedding attire and took wedding pictures live at the scene. Lee See Kei and Chung King Fai were the officiant for the wedding. The cast then took pictures by the marriage registration building, it was a lively event.

But that day when Timmy held onto 99 roses to propose to Fala, and then said too fast by accident: "I tried..." . This immediately attracted attention, Christine then screamed that his rumored girlfriend is "Miss Chow" (Chow Ka Lei)!" The other people all congratulated Timmy, causing him to be really embarrassed. Afterwards, Timmy was asked if he really did propose to her? He expressed that when he was younger he played proposing games and cooking games with other girls. Asked if he ever thought about proposing? He said: "I asked for advice from friends before, but I never experienced it. (When will you do it then?) When the time comes, later." He reveals that he has thought about getting marry within the next 5 years, hoping to be a good husband and good father."

Fala expressed that she has never had anyone propose to her, asked if she gets a big diamond, will she accept? She smiled and said that at least 5 carats, reporters said that her rich young master boyfriend Sit Sai Hang will definitely be able to buy it. She then changed her mind and expressed that marriage is not about how big the diamond ring is or money or a baby or family. It is about how committed two people are, just like her parent's marriage is made up of more than 10 years of experience. Fala then said that she likes children, she will focus on being a mother and will definitely retire from the industry in the future when she becomes a mother.

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