Leila revealed that she goes to bed without bathing

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Leila revealed that she goes to bed without bathing

Post by summer7879 on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:10 pm

Credit : Source: on.cc

Leila revealed that she goes to bed without bathing

Leila Tong, who looks gentle on the outside, actually has a very boyish personality. Apart from saying “NO” to cosmetics, she does not even mind wearing shoes without socks and sleeps without bathing!

Habits: Recycle old pyjamas

Q: What is your view on wearing shoes without socks?
A: Fast! Occasionally I drive without wearing socks.

Q: Have you ever tried going straight to bed without bathing because of fatigue?
A: Yes! There was once after working for a few days in a row, I feel asleep once I stepped into the house.

Q: Do you prefer to wear casually/cartoon pyjamas/ sexy pyjamas to bed?
A: Casual clothes, especially those very old clothes because it’s environmentally friendly.

Conclusion: “Although I am working in front of the cameras, I am not someone who likes to be pretty. My manager always says that I am very casual. Actually, why do we have to be so particular of what we wear to sleep since there is no one to see! However, I have to clarify that I am only casual, definitely not dirty!”

Childhood: Writing letters to Wong Ka Kui

Q: Have you every play with Barbie or cooking games?

A: I have played with Jenny before. But I stopped playing with it after a week or so because it’s really boring!

Q: What about writing letters to stars?

A: Yes, after Wong Ka Kui passed away, I wrote a letter to him. Firstly, it’s because we have worked together before. Secondly, it’s because I really miss him at that time!

Conclusion: “I really don’t understand why did I play with Jenny at that time. These girly toys really don’t suit me at all and it gives me goosebumps when I think of it! As for why I played with Jenny and not Barbie, I figured it’s because to help the weak against the strong? Haha!”

Leila worked with Wong Ka Kui when she was young and they had a pretty good relationship.

Collection: Whole house full of Keroro

Q: Do you like to collect shoes, watches or cartoon bags?

A: I love collecting Keroro figurines and I have plenty of them!

Q: Which part of your body do you dislike most?

A: I have too much hair, it’s irritating!
Conclusion: “I really have alot of hair. Even on those places where no one can imagine. You know that being an artiste we have to wear short skirt and short sleeves most of the time and it’s very inconvenient!”

Meals: Favourite is Fruits

Q: Can you eat spicy food?
A: I can’t take spicy good but I really like to drink Tom Yum Goong

Q: What are the weird eating habits that you have?
A: I will drink soup and eat fruits before and after meals

Conclusion: “Be it soup or fruits, I will just drink and eat them whenever I feel like it! I’m not afraid of stomach pains because I ate too much as these foods have their benefits! As for those that are not good for the health but taste nice, I will also take them just that in lesser portions!”

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