Michael Tse and wife Tina sunbathed in the nude

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Michael Tse and wife Tina sunbathed in the nude

Post by summer7879 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:43 am

Credit : Source: on.cc
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Michael Tse and wife Tina sunbathed in the nude

Michael Tse and wife Tina had put aside all the bad press behind them and went to Maldives for holidays. The couple went diving accompanied by the diving instructor. Michael expressed that this holiday has the honey moon "feel". They even hired an entire island all to themselves for 4 hours so that they could sunbath in the nude. Michael told reporter "In fact, I passed my diving license not long ago, but due to safety, I hired the instructor to dive with us. I was not nervous, but my wife was." Earlier, Tina went diving with an empty stomach, leading her to be admitted to hospital. Reporter asked if she had eaten before diving this time? Michael smiled and said "Of course she did, once bitten twice shy."

Michael was particularly happy that they had paid only a few hundred US dollars to own an entire island for 4 hours. They could wander around freely and sunbath in the nude as well as having the taste of being an island chief. Michael said "It wasn't a big island, but there was not a single soul there. They had prepared our food for us in the island and the ship came for us when our time was up. We could do what we want. (Did you sunbath in the nude?) Sure we did, there won't be another chance like that anywhere else. I even got rid of my swimming trunk mark, now my skin in the same color all over my body."

The reporter asked Michael if the recent rumor had affected his holiday mood? Michael replied "The moment we were on board the plane, we never gave it a thought. We left all the Hong Kong problem behind and concentrate in this trip." Michael was invited as a performing guest for a beauty pageant in New Zealand. When he returns to Hong Kong, he will be performing a dance in a show.

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