Police investigates Gary-Justin case, a common assault case involving drinking

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Police investigates Gary-Justin case, a common assault case involving drinking

Post by summer7879 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:58 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Police investigates Gary-Justin case, a common assault case involving drinking

Gary Cao and Justin shocked the entire city by their drunken actions that caused a scene on the streets of Central. The police investigated the case and will handle it as a simple assault case. According to Gold Label, the police has already contacted Justin Lo for further investigation.

According to sources, the police contacted most of the eyewitnesses already and will soon make arrangements to have them describe the situation. After two days of investigation, the police felt that Gary and Justin were just engaged in a simple fight and it is nothing serious, therefore will probably just treat it as a simple assault case. However, because the two are public figures, the case may involve the public and after consideration, it has been decided that the case will be passed on to the Central Police District Crime Squad.

The police department's spokesperson expressed that the police is still investigating and no one has been arrested yet. Yesterday the Deputy Commander Mr. Law said that the fight too place in Central and Admiralty areas and will probably be contacting the relevant individuals involved. According to sources, the people who have been contacted is Gary, Justin, the taxi driver and the construction workers at the Cotton Tree Drive.

Justin's record company CEO Mr. Chan Fai Hung confirmed: "Today the Police contacted us to look for Justin for investigation. We will be sending a lawyer to represent Justin. Justin will definitely accommodate the police investigation as much as possible." As for the other main character, Gary Cao, he already left Hong Kong. His record company Rock Records spokesperson expressed that the police has not contacted them yet: "If the police requests that they want to investigate Gary, we will definitely accommodate that."

As the two were fighting in public, which causes damage to their reputation, Mr. Chan described Justin as "unexpected disaster", he felt that Justin this time was the victim and as Gary and Justin has a strong friendship, Gold Label voiced out that "we won't be taking legal action". Asked if that is to make it less difficult for Justin? Mr. Chan said: "We will discuss it when the time comes, if Justin says no, then we will respect his views."

After the incident, Gold Label talked to Justin about it, Mr. Chan said: "They are really good friends, we don't hope to control our artistes making friends, but we did advise him that if the friend is drunk, they may act abormally, lose control, he should definitely handle it carefully. Actually that day he knew that his friend drank a lot, but he wanted to take care of him, so therefore he was not drunk.

Mr. Chan strongly stressed that Gold Label does not have any control for Justin's actions, he said: "Was he wrong? Yes he was wrong because afterall he is an artist and created such incident on the streets in public. This time, they are both at fault and I hope that he learned a valuable lesson. He is an adult and should understand." It was rumored that Justin is neglected by his company, Mr. Chan expressed that he did not hear about this. He said: "There's always rumors about these things, Justin's jobs are still going to resume like normal, nothing has changed. His new album is currently scheduled to release at the end of this year." Tonight, Justin will be attending Andrew Lam's concert as guest performer and after that Gold Label has made arrangements for Justin to meet with the Media.

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