Steven Ma threw a tantrum at hospital staff

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Steven Ma threw a tantrum at hospital staff

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:36 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao/Wenweipo(image)
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Steven Ma threw a tantrum at hospital staff

Steven Ma was invited to do a special promotion for Yuen Long Bok Oi Hospital. In the short film , he plays the role as a visitor for a patient. Steven said a lot of families find it difficult to accept their love ones are ill in the hospital. Sometimes, they have problems interacting with the hospital staffs. Steven revealed that he was admitted to the hospital casualty a year ago, the nurse wanted to give him an injection on his bottom, he was very embarrassed. Fortunately, she looked like her mother, Steven felt slightly better.

Steven disclosed that he was rude to the hospital staff when his mother died of cancer. It was because the staff asked him about donating his mother's organs, and he threw a tantrum. Afterwards, he felt he was very rude. He now understands how to communicate with the hospital staff. Steven also heard about patients attacking hospital staffs, he felt it was very unnecessary, and disagreed with people using violence. Talking about Justin Lo and Gary Cao were involved in a fight, Steven thought he was watching the short film of "Young and Dangerous" (古惑仔). Steven pointed out that he appreciates the music by Justin and Gary, who are very talented musician. He reckoned sometimes guys get involved in a fight, but they are still "brothers". Steven hopes this incidence will blow over soon, and he thinks once after a few drinks, it is better to go home and sleep.

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