Joe Ma, Raymond Lam & Yoyo Mung visited care home for old people

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Joe Ma, Raymond Lam & Yoyo Mung visited care home for old people

Post by summer7879 on Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:06 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao
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Joe Ma, Raymond Lam & Yoyo Mung visited care home for old people

Joe Ma, Raymond Lam and Yoyo Mung visited an old people's home in Tin Tsui Wai yesterday. They went there to distribute fruits and mooncakes to the old people. One old man was so touched that he bursted in tears, and he kept thanking them for the visit. The three stayed to watch the old people's performance and was asked to sing Chinese opera with them. As Raymond and Yoyo are not very familiar with Chinese opera, Joe Ma sang on their behalf and got a big round of applaud. Jo also took that opportunity to publicize his new TVB series "Born Rich" commencing next week. He even asked the old people to support the series. As the three of them had to work afterwards, they only stayed there for a short time. Jo was very happy to see the old people enjoying themselves. He disclosed that he cares about the old people's welfare. This is because his wife is doing a course on elderly people at the University of Hong Kong and he is influenced by her. Jo also revealed that if he has time, he would do some voluntary work and he will take his son along too.

Yoyo expressed that she likes being in the company of old people. Although she likes children, she thinks old people also need loving care. Yoyo revealed that she is going to learn a few Chinese opera songs so that next time on her visit again, she can sing to them too. Raymond hoped he would visit the old people's home again as this was his first time to Tin Shui Wai, he really liked the environment and the fresh air.

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