Ekin Cheng supported Fala Chen for showing her bra in The Stew of Life

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Ekin Cheng supported Fala Chen for showing her bra in The Stew of Life

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:53 am

Credit : Source:Takungpao/The Sun-On.cc(image)
Translator:R.E.D @ http://www.asian.com

Ekin Cheng supported Fala Chen for showing her bra in The Stew of Life

Ekin Cheng was at the commercial radio yesterday, promoting his latest record and his concert in December. Ekin was surprised that he was not asked about his love life by Cha Siu Yan in the interview. He almost spilled it out himself.

Ekin disclosed that he hasn't planned the contents of his concert yet, but dancing will be part of it. Reporter asked if he has to lose weight so that he can show his muscle? Ekin replied "I have been keeping fit, I have muscles too" Ekin is not sure if he would invite Michael Tse and Jordan Chan to be the MC, but it will be a surprise. Ekin will be 42 on the 4th this month, he expressed that he will be attending a mid-autumn festival activity that day, but his friends have organized a birthday party for him after work. The reporter asked him how old he is, he smiled and said "42, no, in fact I am only 22." The reporter went on to ask if he has any plan to get married yet? Ekin disclosed that many of his senior colleagues are still single, but he would wait till Arron Kwok gets married first. Asked if his girl friend Yoyo Mung would wait for him? Ekin smiled and replied "We are now in the process of courting! Never discussed that and I haven't thought about that either."

Ekin revealed that when he gets married, he will announce it to everyone. This is because people will find that out sooner or later, there is no point keeping it a secret. The reporter asked how long is Yoyo going to wait for him? Ekin said he is still young, he is enjoying life and concentrating in his career. Talking about Fala Chen was showing her bra in "The Stew of Life". It was not suitable for children to watch, Ekin responded by saying in the past Chow Yan Fat also took off his clothes, how come nowadays, people are so old fashioned. Ekin went on to say Fala wore bikini in the beauty pageant before. The reporter asked if Yoyo did that in the TV series, is it acceptable? Ekin expressed that there won't be a problem, it is nothing really, and it will sure pass the TV standard. After all she is an artist!

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