Leila’s basketball skill is not as good as her junior’s

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Leila’s basketball skill is not as good as her junior’s

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:56 am

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Leila’s basketball skill is not as good as her junior’s

Leila Tong, who has a great interest in singing all along, sang a duet with Bonald Leung recently. In order to perform in the best shape, Leila, using the ‘trainer’ identity, brought Bonald to the gym to train. However, she then realised that her exercising cells are not as strong as Bonald’s, making her really embarrassed.

In these two years, Leila has been training in the gym secretly. Apart from making her body shape even better, she also hopes that this can help to train her lungs in order to venture into the music industry in the future. Having released an album of her own, Leila recently sang a love duet with Bonald Leung. She even revealed that there were lots of funny things going on when she was recording with Bonald. She said,”I treat him as my younger brother, thus it’s really funny that we have to sing a love duet and I can’t hold my laughter every time. When we sing the next time, I won’t dare to look at him in the eyes, just in case it becomes funny and that won’t be good!”

Feeling inferior due to bad skills

Leila feels that Bonald is shy and weak, thus she used her status as a senior to bring this little brother to work in the gym. However, when they were playing the basketball machine, Leila realised that her junior’s exercise cells were better than hers, making her really embarrased. Leila said, “When we were doing warm ups and working on the machines, I was still teaching him very well. However, when it comes to the basketball machine, the difference can be seen and his stamina is much better than me. I really feel very inferior! But it’s okay, guys and girls are different so I won’t blame myself.”

Seeing how depressed his senior looked, Bonald immediately sweettalked her, making her smile again, “You are still more capable, I still have lots of things to learn from you.”

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