Tavia Yeung unofficial "TV Queen" to the Public, pushes back "4th Mistress gang",

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Tavia Yeung unofficial "TV Queen" to the Public, pushes back "4th Mistress gang",

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 1:00 am

Credit ; Credit: Tavia.org // Scans by: TaviaYeunG.com
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Tavia Yeung unofficial "TV Queen" to the Public, pushes back "4th Mistress gang",

Tavia Yeung unofficial "TV Queen" to the Public, pushes back "4th Mistress gang"

It was said that in last year's TVB anniversary award ceremony, TVB gave he TV King and Queen title to Ha Yu and Michelle Yim, these two "elders". Although on the surface, the two winners did receive strong support from the audience, but it also proves that TVB really follows public opinion, but letting TVB's "biological son and daughters" like Raymond Lam lose out? That is definitely not what TVB wanted. Just like this year, for the most popular series "Rosy Business", TVB will not be the most generous one to just give out the award to them, therefore they came up with a plan to push Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung into the battle. If the anniversary series gets good feedback, this will fulfill TVB's wish on letting their "biological sons and daughters" win the awards, quite reasonable. They will not let audience criticize them again for being unfair.

Among all the TVB biological children, Tavia Yeung won the "Best Female Supporting" award depending on her role in Moonlight Resonances. According to the HK media, Tavia got this award because of her good acting skills, her audience fate and the most important thing is that she's obedient with the TVB executives praising her. Also in the last two years, the TV Queens were "old veterans" Louise Lee and Susanna Kwan, TVB executives felt that this year they should have a younger FaDan get the award, giving Tavia Yeung a chance. After "Rosy Business" finale, TVB scheduled all Tavia's series in which she played the female lead to broadcast after, including "Sweetness In the Salt" and the promising "Beyond the Realm of Conscience".

About Tavia from an Insider

The HK media quoted an insider: "TVB wanted Tavia to win this year, so they especially created a role for her, turning her generous character into a villain. In the upcoming series 'Beyond', Tavia's role started off generous and for the last half of the series, she will become seriously evil. Tavia knows that TVB is giving her an opportunity to rise to the top, so she work her hardest to portray the character. She got so into her acting that her eyes even popped out, stealing the spotlight from the other female lead Charmaine Sheh. Even veterans Michelle Yim, Susan Tse and Susanna Kwan could not pass her. Actually the cast from this series knew that TVB wanted to heavily support Tavia Yeung this year. I heard that after the executives saw the recording after filming, they praised Tavia's acting. So after this series broadcast, Tavia should be able to make it up top!"

Getting great support and praises from TVB executives and veterans

In the series Tavia plays Yiu Kam Ling and will be palace maids with Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh); they are also very 'good sisters'. Later when Tavia was chosen by the Emperor (Moses Chan) to be a concubine, but his heart was still set on Charmaine, causing Tavia to get jealous and turn evil. In the end, because of her evil deeds, she was able to become the Empress. Susanna who had collaborated with Tavia several times said: "In this series, Tavia really put in a lot of effort in protraying this role, she brought out her evilness very well, so I feel that she does have a great chance in this year's awards." '3rd Mistress' from Rosy Business Kara Hui also voted for Tavia: "She told us all several times that we won't die well, when she said that in the series her eye contact was so terrifying, a killer stare. I was frightened by it. This year, I support both Sheren and Tavia."

Charmaine Sheh - the greatest support

But the greatest support was from the other female lead from this series Charmaine (Ah Sheh). Because she already knew earlier that Tavia was getting pushed for "TV Queen", Ah Sheh was willing to make way for her. Earlier it was rumored that Charmaine was also TVB's target for this year's TV Queen candidate, essentially this was only to get the public's attention. Earlier Charmaine was asked about the rumors about Tavia getting crowned this year? Currently at a higher status, but still declared her support, Charmaine said: "It's good! We had sparks while we were filming together." But when asked if she has confidence to get the award, Charmaine then said: "let nature take its course!" Obviously she's giving it to Tavia.

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