Elanne Kong is saving up to buy a townhouse for her family

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Elanne Kong is saving up to buy a townhouse for her family

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:44 am

Credit : Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Elanne Kong is saving up to buy a townhouse for her family

Elanne Kwong, Square, Hotcha, Chita Yu, Tat Dik and Pervy Fan attended "SUBARU Palm Challenge 2009" at the Olympia City yesterday. This challenge aims to test the patience of the contestants who have to place their hand on the designated palm area on the car. The last person who is still standing and holding on the car wins the challenge. The winner will than go to Singapore for the final challenge. The overall winner will win a car worth over $200,000 HKD.

HotCha had thought about entering the competition, they told the reporter " We really wanted to test out patience, but you can't go to the toilet for 6 hours. It would be difficult as we need to go to the toilet quite often being a female. We also worried about getting cramps." None of the HotCha girls has got their driving license yet, but they all hope to own a car.

Elanne expressed that she is planning to save money to buy a property and a car. She hopes to accomplish this next year. She reckoned it will cost her 6-7 million HKD to buy a three bedroom village townhouse so that her family can live comfortably. ( Living in towntown, are you not worried the paparazzi might stalk you?) She replied "I have already asked my mom to buy a tumble dryer so that I don't have my under wear hanging outside for drying." Elanne disclosed that she had received a car number plate "LING 930" as her birthday present from a fan. The number symbolizes her birthday. Elanne said "I hope to buy a care and put on my own number plate. I am very poor in direction sense, I don't know my left or right. My mom suggested I hire a chauffeur." Elanne went on to say she likes her car in pink color and her chauffer also wears a pink suit. She added "My chauffer colleague told me he won't do it even for 100,000 HKD a month"

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