Sonjia Kwok in Dongguan in sexy low-cut dress custom made by her Mother

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Sonjia Kwok in Dongguan in sexy low-cut dress custom made by her Mother

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:46 am

Credit:Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sonjia Kwok in Dongguan in sexy low-cut dress custom made by her Mother

Sonjia Kwok and Roger Kwok attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier in Dongguan. The two of them were well welcomed to the local fans there. Sonjia even performed a song in a low cut dress that her mother personally hand-stitched. This was the climax of the event.

But that day when the two appeared, a chaos emerged. Roger said: "The boss gave us a tour of the store but because there were so many people wanting to see the celebrities, I saw one person who broke some glass and even fell on it. Originally I could just go over and look at him to see if he's okay, but it was such a chaos I was pulled back by the security."

Sonjia also expressed that she never thought that promotions could be that amazing. She said: "Mainland is really exaggerated. When we got to Dongguan, the whole street was filled with signs and posters of Roger and I. Even the highways had large lighted box, it is amazing!"

Wearing a low-cut sparkly dress, Sonjia was on stage performing a song, leading to the climax of the event. She smiled and said that her dress is a custom design: "My mom spent a month helping me make this low-cut dress. She carefully stitched and sewed the dress. I tried to help her, but unfortunately the more I tried to help, the more of a mess I made. In the end, my mom had to work overnight until 5am to finish it."

Roger and Sonjia frankly said that they are extremely satisfied with the salary, Sonjia said that she will give a good reward to her Mom: "I joked and said that if you want to have abalone, then you must work hard to stitch the dress. My mom really treats me well, I hope that I am able to buy a property for her to live in, but I'm not even close."

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