Bernice Liu has no pressure from her family to get married

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Bernice Liu has no pressure from her family to get married

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:19 am

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Bernice Liu has no pressure from her family to get married

Bernice Liu's brother who works in Beijing was married the other day. The wedding banquet was held at China Club, which assembles a typical chinese courtyard. The venue was full of colorful Chinese decoration and chinese celebration atmosphere. The newly wed wore the traditional Chinese wedding costumes. Bernice also wore a chinese dress.

All the wedding guests were foreigners, Bernice said "I feel I am in an ancient chinese movie." Bernice's mother went to Beijing for the wedding preparation a few weeks ago, and Bernice was there to help out too. Bernice said "I was only there for a short time, but I was up at 8 O'clock in the morning to line up to get the registration. I was the first one in the line. It was a shame that I didn't understand what people was saying, fortunately, a worker could speak English!"

Talking about her brother who got married before her, Bernice revealed that she has no pressure from her family because they never urged her to get married. Bernice said "I will let nature take its cause, I don't have time to date, not because I have no chance. It is difficult to find my other half working in this industry. My family understands me, they never push me."

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