Go With the Flow – Jessica Hsuan

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Go With the Flow – Jessica Hsuan

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:24 am

Credit : Scans credits: Mrs. Luk @ http://bravenet.jessicahsuan.com
Translated by: Mavis @ http://bravenet.jessicahsuan.com

Go With the Flow – Jessica Hsuan

No one would ever think of Jessica as a person who is weak. At least when Jessica is in the spotlight people will only think of her as a character that is strong-willed. Thus whenever anyone mentions her name they would immediately associate her to her role in ‘Just Love’ as the person who never admits defeat. In reality no matter how much she suffers in her work and regardless of the pain she has encountered in her love life, she has never backed down as she trusts that “everything has already been set out in life”. Thus, past experiences and recent encounters have made her realize that to go with the flow is the way to embrace life.

The Jessica today seems to be more satisfied with life. It is because three years ago she began to‘re-organise’ her life and finally is able to fulfill her dreams of the past. “The ski trip had been organized for a long time already; however every time after everything is finalized I would have jobs I have to attend to and thus would pull out. In the past, my career is my priority. There were times when I don’t even have time to rest. Although I would question myself as to why I’m doing all this, I, however love my job and my career as well as making money was important to me. In recent years I have started to slow my life down a bit and choose what I really want to do. Such things as skiing I can’t really fulfill in my older years”.

Recently TVB sent Jessica to Kenya to film a documentary ‘Being’ which made Jess realize that being poor does not mean you are not happy with life. “A lot of people think that those from poor countries are very pitiful however in reality they are happy with life. The people there are very caring and are satisfied with very minor things that we may see as not very significant. On the other hand we may live luxurious lives but are we actually happy?”

Until this day Jessica has still not found her Mr. Right. However although she has been hurt in love in the past she will ‘never be scared to love’. “True love can not be gained through hard work. Everything is dependent on fate. Sometimes the harder you try to gain true love the more pain you will place on yourself”

Jess has played many roles in the past such as Dicey Business and DIF4 which has left a deep impression in viewer’s hearts. In recent years Jess has played many career-minded female roles and within these roles she was able to manage work and her family both in a successful manner – such as Square Pegs, Just Love 1 and 2. These roles have been widely received by the viewers and this has made Jessica a representation of the contemporary female. “I really enjoy acting these type of roles and I can feel how capable and strong these roles as it is hard to achieve a work/life balance and to be a mother as well. If I ever get the chance to become a mother I would take a few years off just to look after the kids and probably cut down on my workload.”

Being able to interview Jessica is a very delightful task. She always gives people the impression of being very ‘real’ and is very captivating.

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