Kate Tsui sang out of tune again

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Kate Tsui sang out of tune again

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:32 am

Credit : Source:Takunpao/Wenweipo(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Kate Tsui sang out of tune again

Kate Tsui was having her autograph signing session in Mongkok Langham Place yesterday, attracted a lot of onlookers, but most of them were her fans. Kate was singing and dancing in a truck, wearing a pair of shorts. Earlier Kate was criticized for singing out of tune in her concert, she did it again yesterday. Nevertheless, that didn't affect the support she received from her fans who came all the way from the mainland, Taiwan and the local fans too. A fans gave her a handmade "Read intention is" and her white private model car, that made her very happy.

This is Kate's first time performing in the street of Mongkok. She expressed that although she was a bit nervous, she enjoyed it. When she was singing, the big screen behind her was showing her skin care advertisement, Kate said what a coincident that the TV was advertising for her too. Kate's new album has just been released, and she didn't know how the sales have been yet, but she had bought over 100 copies for friends and relatives. Kate revealed that she would be having a karaoke celebration afterwards to thank her fans for their support. Talking about her singing out of tune, Kate admitted that was true. She only knew that she was singing live yesterday and she had a sore throat too, but she insisted to go ahead to sing live. Reporter asked if she was worried that people might call her "Tsui out of tune"? Kate said she hadn't thought too much about it, but she hoped people can more be tolerance towards her. She will be singing more live show from now on. She knew singing out of tune once in a while would be acceptable, but it wouldn't be right if it happens too often.

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