Tavia Yeung has the capabilities to win best actress

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Tavia Yeung has the capabilities to win best actress

Post by summer7879 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:44 am

Credit : Source: Macao Daily
Translation by: Jessie's Blog

Tavia Yeung has the capabilities to win best actress

TVB Anniversary Awards is coming soon. There were already discussions and interviews regarding possibility for hot favourite Best Actress that was “Sei Lai Lai”, Sheren Tang. However Raymond Lam reminded everyone that Tavia Yeung’s Beyond The Realm Of Conscience will come in the month of TVB Anniversary. It means that “Best Actress” maybe will change to palace concubine, Tavia Yeung who is TVB’s biological daughter.

Tavia Yeung who entered this industry for 10 years, from minor roles to main lead, her acting ability has already up to standard. Although she cannot be compared to Sheren who was in this field for 20 years but the situation for Tavia Yeung in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience this time looked similar with War and Beauty which was very popular last time. Moreover, Tavia portrayed an evil concubine this time and added with casts from Heart Of Greed serial. As long as Tavia did all her best in this series, she is qualified enough to receive the Best Actress Award. Due to the control in Sheren’s contract, it is believed that she will receive My Favourite Character Award. Hope that the competition of the reporters will not raise dissatisfaction of “Sei Lai Lai” supporters.

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Re: Tavia Yeung has the capabilities to win best actress

Post by kingfai30 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:41 pm

I like Tavia acting but I think that Sheren will pick up a award in TVB Anniversary Awards.

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