Suki Chui finally admits she is 3 months pregnant

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Suki Chui finally admits she is 3 months pregnant

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:03 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
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Suki Chui finally admits she is 3 months pregnant

There was media report that Suki Chui is getting married next month because she is pregnant. She was asked by the media many times, but she never given a definite answer. Yesterday, she attended a function with her fiance Wong Ho, she finally admitted she is in fact 3 months pregnant and her baby is due next April. Suki doesn't know the sex of the baby yet, but 3 lady friends have already asked to be the baby's "God mother". Wong Ho said his friends are not very reliable, he has to be carefully when choosing baby's "God father".

Suki wore a red dress yesterday, and she was seen holding hand with Wong Ho. Reporter noticed that her waist seemed a bit full, showing her pregnancy stage. Reporter asked how far is she in her pregnancy? Suki smiled and said "3 months, I can admit it now. (Is it because the baby is narrow minded or the contract in the advertising company says you can't admit you are pregnant?) Both (Boy or girl?) Half and half chance." Wong Ho said he doesn't mind whether it's a boy or girl, although he prefers having a girl first so that she can look after her brother and sister. Suki was asked if she has been teaching the baby? Suki replied "The baby's ears are not large enough. I have many tips from friends and I have a directory telling me how to teach the baby. If that means the baby will have "A" in all subjects in the future, I don't mind following what the directory says. I am learning Japanese at the moment, I let the baby listen." Suki intends to have the baby delivered in Hong Kong, but she is worried that the baby will be an "Aries" which means he/she may be too generous in his/her love life.

Suki expressed that she will attend her last function this Saturday and than she will be on leave till next September, therefore she won't be attending the TVB Gala show. On the 18th, the groom's family will be sending out the "Guo gift" (過大禮) to her family, and she is a bit nervous. Suki expressed her wish to continue working in the entertainment industry after the delivery. At the moment, she is very careful with her food and drink, she doesn't want to get too fat. Yesterday, it took her 3 hours to put on her make up because she wanted to look beautiful. That included soaking her feet as well as applying "lymphatic thin face mask". Reporter asked if she has bought any baby equipment, Suki said when the baby is one month old, people will give a lot of baby stuff. There should be enough. Wong Ho added "I have given so much out, it's time I get some back in return."

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