Raymond has no intention to chase after Linda Chung

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Raymond has no intention to chase after Linda Chung

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:13 am

Credit : Source: Wenweipo
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Raymond has no intention to chase after Linda Chung

Raymond Lam attended a cell phone promotion press conference yesterday. He was photographed with two models. Raymond disclosed that he carries two cell phones with him, one is for accessing the internet. This is necessary as he is always busy, and he wants to catch up with the latest news. Raymond is very careful with his phone contact, he won't use artist real name in his phone. Reporter asked if he has received any obscene phone call? Raymond said "No, only conversation with my friends." Talking about recent report that his rumored girl friend Linda Chung was seen going out with Philip Ng, Raymond responded "I told you before, we are just friends." In fact Linda has been Raymond's rumored girl friend for a long time. Raymond said "Once I met a senior colleague at the TV city, she told me Linda is a good girl, therefore, I should treat her nicely. So I told her I haven't seen or contacted Linda for a long time." Raymond reckoned she had read it from the newspaper, and thought that Linda is his girlfriend. In fact, a lot of fans also think it is true. Raymond emphasized again that they are only friends and he has no intention to chase after her. They haven't contacted each other for a long time, and he hopes he will have a chance to work with her as on screen lovers again.

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