Natalie Tong suffering from debt, working hard to pay it off

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Natalie Tong suffering from debt, working hard to pay it off

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:16 am

Credit : Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

Natalie Tong suffering from debt, working hard to pay it off

It may seem that Natalie Tong is well off, but in reality she is actually in debt. To repay her debt, she accepted a fighting movie, turning into a "wounded youth" suffering in silence.

Because Natalie had TVB executive Stephan Chan raise the status of her love relationship with Amigo Chui, but her current financial status does not look very good! Due to the fact that her family is in debt, lately Natalie has been "rushing into the water" often shooting kung-fu scenes resulting in bruises on her knees. She forced a smile: "Even if it's a serious military training, I don't mind it. In order to earn, I need to do it! It's better than not being able to earn any money to pay off the debts! Like before when I was filming 'Iron Horse Seeking Bridge', there were many action scenes that required me to do it myself. One time because I didn't have enough strength, I injured my knee and couldn't even stand straight."

Besides getting injuries from filming, Natalie joked that being an artist is almost like being "iron man". Wake up early in the morning to start working under rain and burning sun. After completing the outdoor scenes, then switch to filming in the studio. Sometimes we have to film overnight, really if you don't have good metabolism you cannot handle such pressure. Also once artistes get through all that, then they have to keep themselves pretty to go out and meet the public. She said: "Especially for female artistes, I hope that the public can appreciate a little bit more."

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