Kenneth Ma & Bernice Liu Kiss Passionately on the Busy Streets

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Kenneth Ma & Bernice Liu Kiss Passionately on the Busy Streets

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:25 am

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Kenneth Ma & Bernice Liu Kiss Passionately on the Busy Streets

Bernice Liu and Kenneth Ma were filming in Lan Kwai Fong for TVB's new series "Shall We State the Case" earlier. That night, the two were on location to film a kiss scene. Since the time of filming was during the busy evening, it attracted many passersby to watch them film.

When Bernice was asked if she felt awkward filming a kiss scene with Kenneth, she said, "No! I have worked with Kenneth previously in "Into Thin Air", and we also had kiss scenes in there. The kiss scene we filmed that day (this one) wasn't even that intense. The ones we filmed prior to this one was more intensive! But of course I can't reveal that much right now. You guys will know when you watch it! My first on-screen intense kiss is given to Kenneth Ma".

Sweating Through Clothing Due to Hot Weather

When asked Bernice if she had done any preparation before filming this kiss scene, such as chewing gum or brushing her teeth, Bernice expressed, "Kenneth and I both didn't [do any preparation]. We just kissed on the spot!" (Did you feel awkward with all of the tourists and passersby watching?) "It's alright! But I did feel a bit unnatural and nervous because of the amount of people watching". (Was there many NGs?) "There was NGs because they had to film from different angles". Due to the hot weather, Kenneth's shirt was soaked right through.

In "Shall We State the Case", Bernice will play a news anchor. Kenneth's character will be a player with many girlfriends. She and Kenneth's character already know each in university, and have previously dated. But after they broke up, they did not keep in contact. When they met up again, their old flames reignited, and they got to the point of discussing marriage plans. In this scene, Kenneth said something in front of his friends that he should not have discussed. Upon hearing this, Bernice felt unhappy and left. Kenneth then chased after her and kissed her, but Bernice was still upset about it.

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