Express Weekly #584 - Julian Cheung Slashed Price To Return TVB

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Express Weekly #584 - Julian Cheung Slashed Price To Return TVB

Post by summer7879 on Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:49 pm

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Express Weekly #584 - Julian Cheung Slashed Price To Return TVB

Recently, there’s a wave of middle-aged men returning to the entertainment industry. Many handsome men of the previous century have announced one after another on their major comeback plans, and among these men, it’s Julian Cheung and Ekin Cheng to have the highest popularity.

Not only did Chilam join Neway Star as their ‘First Brother’, he recently returned to TVB to film a new drama, The Morning Blossom of the Rising Fish, on a high-profile note. The 38-year-old Chilam will be acting as a couple with the 29-year-old Myolie Wu. According to sources, his salary for an episode in Mainland is around RMB60000. However this time, he slashed his price by half, and was willing to take a ‘friendly price’ of HKD30000 for an episode for his return to TVB. His aim was to make use of TVB’s influence to create the ‘2009 Modern Love Story’ with Myolie, and picked up his unfinished singer dream.

It was right until last year’s memorial concert of Leslie Cheung did Chilam’s rendition of one of the former’s songs win compliments from the people that his voice was similar to Leslie. Neway Star immediately approached him to open up opportunities for him with his return to Hong Kong. As for re-entering the music industry at the age of 38, Chilam admitted that it’s because he really likes singing.

“Actually back then when he sang the Modern Love Story duet, it was very popular. Until now, there are many fans who still know how to sing it. He was just unlucky that he came out during the same period of time as the four Heavenly Kings. Thus he was being forced to give up singing and venture into acting, in order to continue earning a living.” A source said.

In order to re-create this legend, before his album is out, the music company has already arranged for him to become a couple-group with their ‘First Sister’ Myolie Wu. Both of them have a new-version Modern Love Story duet, Break Off. He also reduced his price to return to TVB to film a drama.

“Chilam holds high expectations for his comeback this time. He and the music company know that it’s very difficult to break out if there’s no gimmick. So he took the initiative to approach TVB for a talk, and also reduced his price by half, taking only HKD30000 for an episode. But he stated clearly that he wanted to work with Myolie.” The source continued.

In order to create more awareness, Chilam even said out on a preview of an upcoming rumor, “When I’m daydreaming, I’ll also imagine on having intimate scenes with Myolie.” Though the script had not been completed, since the male lead has already stated so obviously, the scriptwriter should know what to do lah!

In order to film The Morning Blossom of the Rising Fish, Chilam put in a huge sacrifice. Not only will he head for Hokkaido for filming for over a month, the entire drama will take at least till early January to complete filming. This has made him give up 3 other Mainland dramas, and the estimated loss was about a 7-figure sum. However, the financial loss is worth it, because Chilam has already let wind out that if the response is good, the music company will arrange a concert for him next year. Thus, this will fulfill his Hong Kong Coliseum concert dream of many years.

Captions (first page – left to right):
1) Hard-sell Couple
Back then, Chilam partnered up with Maple Hui and became very popular. This time, the company re-uses the same tactic, but the female lead has changed to Myolie Wu.
2) Very Confident
By reducing his price and returning to TVB this time, Chilam is filled with confidence. During the costume-fitting ceremony, he’s already continually doing poses to gain attention.

Fighting for a Comeback
5) The TV Queen fight this year is very exciting. Tavia Yeung has explicitly stated that she wants the award. Who knew that Myolie Wu, who’s standing beside her, covered up her mouth and laugh? Wah, what does that mean?

So Full Of Himself/Herself
5) X-aura Reappearance
Myolie Wu donned on the wig, and with her ‘O’ expression, it’s really filled with the X-aura. She’s truly the worthy new-generation X-queen.

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