Myolie Wu Splashed Cold Water On Her Rumored Boyfriend

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Myolie Wu Splashed Cold Water On Her Rumored Boyfriend

Post by summer7879 on Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:58 am

Credit : Source: JF Daily
Translation: psycho 085 @

Myolie Wu Splashed Cold Water On Her Rumored Boyfriend

She is one of TVB's currently most popular Fadan. She spent her teenage years back in North Ireland's Belfast School. There was once when she wanted to become a doctor. While studying bio-chemistry in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, because of the beauty contest, she entered the entertainment industry. She and Bosco Wong had 4 years of rumors. In her eyes, he's 'just a rumor', and not the true man of her life. In the VIP room of Chambre De Beaute event at Suzhou, Myolie Wu looks forward to a true love.

Myolie Wu was born in a middle-income family. Her father was a civil servant, thus his children enjoyed subsidies for studying overseas. He chose North Ireland's Belfast school, which was comparatively cheaper, for her. Back in the school days, Myolie Wu was a student with pretty good results. When she ended her secondary school life, she returned to Hong Kong to take part in the streaming exam, and entered Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study bio-chemistry. "When I was young, my results were so-so. Because I just arrived in North Ireland, so my language wasn't that good, and I couldn't quite catch up with the progress there. Later on, there was another student from Hong Kong who joined the class. She exceled in all areas. Thus in my heart, I looked upon her as my imaginary opponent, and I gradually began to catch up." Though her results were good, there was still a regret for her education. "I wanted to study medicine most, and become a doctor. But I couldn't qualify for it. If not today, I might be sitting in a clinic, rather than sitting here and accepting an interview."

In her first year of university, Myolie Wu and her classmate joined the Miss HK contest together. After clinching the second runner-up, Myolie Wu still had not decided on whether she wanted to develop her career in the entertainment industry. "It's the professors whom helped me. They said that they could help me to retain my place in the school. If I felt that the development wasn't good, I could still return to study. In addition, TVB was very close to the school, in fact, they were just opposite of each other." Just like this, Myolie Wu started her artiste career path. 2 years later, she saw herself getting a little success for the initial stage in the entertainment industry, thus she went back to the university to apply to quit school. "I feel that being in this line is quite good. So I didn't feel right to continue taking up the place in school."

The current Myolie Wu is still living a simple life. The 8 cats in her home takes up most of her leisure time. Someone said before that people who like cats are lonelier. Myolie Wu laughed, "Then I must be very lonely! People who like cats are perhaps not too passionate. They're also afraid of getting too close to people. Just like me, sometimes I don't know how to communicate with people. Afraid that if I get too close, the person might think that I've a motive."

The reporter then asked her if she's really lonely. She answered, "On the Hong Kong tabloids, my life might look very vibrant and colorful. But in real life, I'm not like that." Obviously, this kind of answer wasn't going to make anyone satisfied. After a few rounds of stalement, she finally took the reporter's question seriously, and talked about TVB's male artiste, Bosco Wong, who she has rumors for the past 4 years. "Honestly speaking, he's just my rumored boyfriend, not the true man of my life. Because there are too many females who like him. I want someone with a sense of security. Don't need to be very rich, but he must have aspirations to become better. If we work hard together, we'll definitely earn money. Who doesn't like money? But must see how you earn it."

There was a man whom once appeared and made her heart swayed, but they still split up. "It's my fault. I missed it. He appeared at an inappropriate timing. 2 people meet too early, and perhaps due to naivety, they break up; When 2 people meet too late, perhaps there's another person by his side already. In addition, when one's younger, the person will be greedier. Often thinking if you'll meet a better person later on." When she was asked on what kind of man she will be interested, she replied, "Matured, interesting, meticulous, can take care of me, taller than me, bigger-sized than me/older than me [note: 比我大 - ahem I'm not sure which area Myolie's referring to], of course must like cats. So how? Do you have a good candidate to recommend to me?"

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