Tavia Yeung considers Sheren Tang as the leading lady

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Tavia Yeung considers Sheren Tang as the leading lady

Post by summer7879 on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:00 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Tavia Yeung considers Sheren Tang as the leading lady

TVB will be celebrating its 42nd anniversary in a few weeks time. There are different versions of gossip in the run up of the award ceremony. Some reported Tavia is the hot favorite to win the TV queen award. Others said Kenix stands a good chance as she agrees to return to TVB after she has the baby, making her another hot favorite. Tavia said "Good, it doesn't matter who comes along as long as "Beyong The realm Of Conscience" gets good rating report. Tavia said she let nature takes its course and she is happy to work on such a good series. The only concern she has is the feedback from the audience. Tavia went on to say "I am happy for whoever wins the award because I feel I am not ready to receive this award yet. I still need to work hard in all direction. (Are you saying you don't have the audience on your side ?) It is difficult to tell, if they like to watch, they would watch. I feel Sheren Tang is a very talented actress, I like her very much, and her series get a lot of support from the viewers. She has many supporters among the audience. I won't be disappointed if she wins because she is my leading lady."

"TV King" Wayne Lai dressed as "Chai Gau" when he was introducing "Rosy Business" in an activity last night. After that he swiftly changed into a suit to introduce "Off Pedder". Talking about Sheren not being there, Wayne said she is in America at the moment. They were doing a stage show in the US and Sheren decided to stay there a little longer. Wayne explained "Since Sheren is free and she has a lot of relatives over there, that is why she wants to stay there a bit longer. (Is she not happy?) Not at all, if she is in Hong Kong, she would come." Wayne also supports Sheren to get the best actress award, although Tavia is very good too; if he has to chose between the two, he would chose Sheren. Wayne said it would be a happy ending if both of them get the award. (But now, the rumor says Kenix is in the race, she may even wins the award.) Waynes smiled " No matter what, it would be nice if everyone gets an award. Gallen and Ray are very good actors, they all have the chance to win." Talking about Gallen doesn't know who "Chai Gau" was, Wayne responded "I am not surprised, he work overseas."

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