Chilam Cheung & Myolie Wu 1st time as "couple team" for duet; To have a Mini Concert

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Chilam Cheung & Myolie Wu 1st time as "couple team" for duet; To have a Mini Concert

Post by summer7879 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:58 am

Credit : Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Chilam Cheung & Myolie Wu 1st time as "couple team" for duet; To have a Mini Concert

Seeing Chilam Cheung's handsome appearance, it's believed that many people envy him, it's hard to believe that he's already 38 years old. Making a comeback into the music scene, Chilam grew a bread to look more masculine. His partner changed from Maple Hui to Myolie Wu, the two has a new love song duet "A Clean Break" (一刀兩斷). First time singing with Chilam, Myolie felt honored.

Last year entering the music industry and winning the newcomer award, it can be considered Myolie's prosperous year in both her acting and music career. Stepping into her second year in music, she will be releasing her second album in November and will be holding her very own mini concert. Myolie frankly said that it's surprising and exciting, but the greatest interest she has is of course being able to duet with Chilam who had just came back in their new song "A Clean Break". "Chilam is the grandfather of duets, collaborating with him I am truly happy. When I found out he entered our record company (Neway), I was even more happy, we really look forward to his new songs. His first comeback song will include me, I'm excited. Also the original music and lyrics are done very well, really matches modern young people love problems."

Collaborating with Chilam, Myolie frankly said that she feels pressured. She also mentioned that now when she enters the recording studio, she's starting to feel that there are many things still there for her to learn. She said: "Sometimes when I'm singing many times it's not just using your voice then that's it, have to see how to use your voice to move people, how to get emotions. Maybe Chilam is experienced, once he starts singing he has emotions."

Chilam automatically volunteered to do lyrics

Chilam's first comeback song is a duet with Myolie Wu. He expressed that "A Clean Break" mainly focused on a break-up story, but actually does not advise people to indulge in a period of unanswered love. "At first the producer was thinking if it would be better to use the first person or the third person to approach the song. In the end, we chose to use the third person to look at the relationship, it would be better for the third person to see the feelings." The Mandarin version of "A Clean Break" is personally written by Chilam. He expressed that when he first heard the music, he felt it was beautiful and automatically tried it out for himself, little did he know he fell for it. "When I heard the melody, I felt it was very beautiful, so I told my company I wanted to try to do the lyrics, who would have knew that after a long while, I still had nothing written. My company constantly chased after me, in the end they brought out the 'killer', they gave me a deadline. Once the deadline was in place, I went to work quickly and soon I got the lyrics done." Chilam frankly said that he really enjoyed the process of writing lyrics, it is a way to challenge yourself. He hopes in the future he would have more opportunities to try.

Asked if he was interested when he first got a new partner (Myolie), Chilam praised that Myolie's singing is serious: "It is our first time collaborating, so I do not know her that well, but I feel that Myolie is a hard worker and is quite serious. The second time we collaborated, is when we sang the theme song to a cartoon. However, relax everyone, we will soon become mature because we will be going to Beijing for a new series."

Myolie "overage" singer

In the music world, many newcomers are still studying before entering the music industry, but Myolie is the 'overage' singer: "Actually my company always knew that I liked to sing, but I never thought I'll have a chance to enter the industry, just after 10 years before I can officially become a singer. Of course I am still young now, haha!" Myolie explained that if she had become a singer a few years earlier, she would not be as mature and may even waste her opportunities. Also recently there are many artistes who are singing the theme songs, which gave her more confidence. She said: "I feel that this way its good for my singing, whether if its physically or mentally I will be ready. If I entered a few years ago, I would probably not be as mature and would not know what I want." In the artists world, suddenly there are so many who became singers, which makes it more competitive. It is not hard to believe there is pressure? "Many of them sang pretty well, I think it's a good thing and it doesn't limit artistes to just acting, there is singing as an alternative. I feel that there is only improvement when there's competition. When we all improve, it is a benefit for audience."

Wrote a Mandarin song in new album

Now is this a 'tactic' to attract more fans? "As an artist, there must be more markets to develop in. I will be dancing for the Mini Concert, I hope that everyone could get a surprise. I also wrote a Mandarin song in my new album in which I gave to the producer Endy Chow to look at. He said that it looks ok, but will have to find someone to read it over first before its completed. (Is it a love song?) Yes, a tragic one. It is something that I experienced, the content talks about the male lead may really love you, but in reality it may not feel that way. Actually men and women view love differently, girls probably would want a faithful one, but guys may not think so. (What era is the song in?) Wah! So detailed? Haha! Just I have experienced it before."

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