TVB Award nomination list

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TVB Award nomination list

Post by summer7879 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:05 am

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TVB Award nomination list

Part of the nomination list

Best actor:

Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Moses Chan - The Gem Of Life
Dayo Wong - You Are Hired
Wong Hee - Burning Flame III
Kevin Chen - Burning Flame III
Bosco Wong - Burning Flame III
Roger Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
Ray Lui -Born Rich

Best actress:

Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond The realm Of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond The realm Of Conscience
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Jamie Chik - Born Rich
Kenix Kwok - Born Rich
Teresa Mo - Off Pedder
Sonija Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Liza Wang - When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny west

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