Going Into The Birthday Party, Bosco And Myolie Hugged And Kissed

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Going Into The Birthday Party, Bosco And Myolie Hugged And Kissed

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:55 am

Credit : Source: Sudden Weekly 744
Credits: eli @ lovebosco.net
Translation to: Admin @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum

Going Into The Birthday Party, Bosco And Myolie Hugged And Kissed

Earlier on, because of Bosco Wong secretly hooking up with Toby Leung, it once made Boscolie’s 5-year relationship on the rocks! Myolie Wu was displeased with her boyfriend’s flirtatiousness, and once initiated a break-up. In order to salvage the relationship, Bosco Wong not only abandoned Toby Leung, he also took Myolie Wu to Okinawa for a holiday together in August. On last Wednesday night (21/10), Bosco Wong even spent 30,000HKD to hold a birthday party for Myolie Wu at Central’s SEVVA. There were many TVB artistes and backstage crew members being invited for the celebration. When our reporter sneaked into the party, he/she discovered that both of them were sitting in a dark corner of the balcony, and happily drinking wine, hugging and kissing each other.

During this February, when Bosco Wong headed to Mainland to film a new drama, he immediately clicked with Toby Leung. After Toby stepped into the Boscolie relationship, according to sources, Myolie Wu once had a huge argument on this matter with Bosco Wong, and even angrily threw her boyfriend’s belongings out of the house and demanded a break-up. However, after a round of ‘sticking’ strategy, Bosco Wong managed to pacify Myolie Wu back. Earlier on, he even thought hard, and decided to organize a birthday party for Myolie Wu to salvage the relationship.

Captions (top) - 22/10/2009 2:30AM Leaving Separately One After The Other:
1) Bosco’s stylish attire, plus his expenditure of 30,000HKD to hold a birthday party for his girlfriend; these should make Myolie very happy lah!
2) As they knew that there were reporters waiting outside at the gate, thus Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu left separately one after the other. Though Bosco wasn’t by Myolie’s side, Myolie’s mood was very good and remained all smiles.

Bosco Wong’s good friend revealed, “The birthday party this time was organized by Bosco. Myolie will be in Japan filming her new drama on her real birthday (06/11), so the celebration was brought forward.” On 21/10 at 10PM, Myolie’s mood was very good. After she completed the JSG recording, she hurried to turn up for the date. As for the male lead, Bosco Wong was there an hour earlier than his girlfriend to organize everything at the restaurant. At the birthday party that day, other than the artistes, Kevin Cheng, Nancy Wu and Christine Ng, there were also other friends outside of the entertainment industry. All of the guests reached before 10PM, and there were around 20 people. Most of them were dressed in red. As the restaurant’s balcony was very dark, the reporter could only go forward to take photographs. But once the reporter stepped out of the balcony, he/she was immediately spotted by Myolie’s assistant. At that moment, someone shouted loudly, “A reporter!” Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu immediately split away from each other, and even called for a waiter right away to chase the report away. But after chasing the reporter away, there was a good scene coming up. According to the witnesses at the restaurant, they said, “Bosco Wong was sticking close beside Myolie Wu for the entire night. If his hand’s not placed over her shoulders, then he’s hugging her. I saw him continually drinking red wine and champagne. Almost 8 to 10 bottles lah! Myolie Wu was going around drinking with people. Someone wanted to ask Myolie to drink, but Bosco Wong snatched to help her drink on her behalf! In the wee hours, when the whole group was cutting the birthday cake, someone shouted loudly, “Kiss her, kiss her!” After that, I saw Bosco Wong hugging Myolie Wu, and kissed on her cheek. Later, the group still continued to make noise. Both of them even really did a French kiss!”

The group partied till 2.30AM, before leaving one by one. All of them drank till their faces were red. Myolie and her friend first took the nanny car and left. 10 minutes later, Bosco Wong took a taxi back under the care of Myolie Wu’s manager. According to sources, Bosco Wong paid the bill on that night. He spent around 30,000HKD. But, spending a few ten thousands to make your girlfriend happy, it’s worth it lah. Our magazine called up Bosco Wong, but could not get through his cell phone and was directed to his voicemail, thus there was no reply yet. As for Myolie Wu’s manager, Atom, he said, “That day, we pre-celebrated Myolie’s birthday. Bosco’s one of the guests. Kevin, Nancy, Christine and Amigo turned up too. (Why wasn’t Toby invited?) That time, the invitations were for close friends. (Was that place found by Bosco?) We chose it together. (That night, someone saw Myolie and Bosco kissing.) No, that night everyone were playing happily, but didn’t kiss.”

Captions (top):
1) Before Boscolie discovered the presence of reporters, both of them were sticking to each other like Siamese twins
2) Bosco, whose hobby is into red wine, brought along quite a few private collections on that night
3) Once the reporter was discovered, both Myolie and Bosco Wong immediately split away from each other

Captions (bottom):
1) Kevin Cheng and Amigo Chui wore red outfits to celebrate Myolie's birthday
2) Nancy Wu, whom just finished work, did not have time to change her outfit and rushed over to celebrate her good friend's birthday
Bosco Wong chose SEVVA as his girlfriend’s, Myolie Wu, birthday party venue, because SEVVA’s privacy level was very high, plus the balcony position was dark, thus if there was any unfamiliar person passing by, he/she will be discovered immediately.

1) That night, Bosco Wong even specially ordered a very big almond sponge cake as his girlfriend’s birthday cake. This cake is the restaurant’s signature dessert.
2) The restaurant’s balcony has not only high level of privacy, but one can also view the scenery if Victoria Harbor, thus it’s very romantic. That night, Bosco Wong booked the two tables at the furthest corner.

Mak Ling Ling's Prediction: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu - Better To See Less Often Of Each Other

"In 2009, it's a year when Bosco Wong will have the biggest change. His career development will progress well, but for relationships, it won't be so smooth. Next year will be a crucial year for he and Myolie Wu. There might be 2 extreme possibilities for their relationship. It can be very good, and surface out. Or there's no breakthrough, and thus, a break-up. If wish to keep the relationship well, it's better not to see each other so often.

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