Anita Yuen supports Charmaine Sheh, she's not "flirty"; can be friends

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Anita Yuen supports Charmaine Sheh, she's not "flirty"; can be friends

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:58 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Anita Yuen recently got new gossips surrounding her, it was said that she's "nailing" Charmaine Sheh who had once been rumored with her husband Chilam Cheung. It was rumored that Anita refuses to have scenes with Charmaine in their new film and have also joined the battle for TV Queen. It was also said that she and Jamie Chik are both "troublesome" . When she was filming , she often rushes to get off work. Actually Anita and Charmaine does not have a 'heart illness' against each other. On the day of the costume fitting, she helped Charmaine from exposing herself in the photos in front of the Media. Anita also strongly supported Charmaine's frank personality and is not how people describe her as "flirty". But Anita does admit she did rush the cast into the studio for filming during .

Anita first talked about the reports with Charmaine. She said that she doesn't know if Reporters have a dislike towards her or Charmaine, but that day at the costume fitting, during the group picture she did help Charmaine. That day Charmaine wore a really short dress, Anita was worried that she might expose herself during the pictures, therefore Anita used her body to cover for her, but did not say so out loud. She said that if there is an opportunity, she would like to collaborate with Charmaine, she is not "flirty" like how people say she is, her personality is like a tomboy, very quick and frank. That day when they saw each other, they greeted one another, she also joked that Charmaine's costume was a bit exaggerated. Based on both of their personality, they should be able to be friends, if they don't get along then when they were shooting for the film poster, they wouldn't have taken pictures together.

Speaking of the fight for TV Queen, she said initially she has never thought about that topic, but now the topic has attracted her competing heart, she wants a taste of winning the TV Queen award. She smiled: "I see everyone's competing so fiercely, I also have an interest in getting the award. Since people are suggesting me, why should I not compete for the award?" However, she's telling everyone in advance to avoid further gossips that she will be absent from the TVB award ceremony due to her schedule, but she still has confidence for an award: "Maybe if I don't go I can be the TV Queen!"

Admits to have rushed the cast into the studio
When talking about the many negative news, the one that angered her most was the rumors of her getting Botox. She was so angry that she once thought of suing, but she's worried that she may get unpleasant comments.

As for rushing the cast into the studio and rushing to get off work. She admits that initally during filming, they all have not warmed up yet, she saw that everyone was doing nothing in the make-up room, so she told everyone to hurry up and enter the studio for filming. But she only did that once, afterwards they all accommodated each other. She laughed and said that at first Jamie Chik was harder to get moving, telling Anita not to get so urging, Michael Miu joked and told her not to rush his wife. One family working together was enjoyable. She also laughed and said that with all the negative news, she wonders if it's the Producer who stirred it all up.

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