Kenneth Ma · Anticipation with the Audience

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Kenneth Ma · Anticipation with the Audience

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Kenneth Ma · Anticipation with the Audience

From the pure and kind-hearted Mi Fung Nin in "The Master of Tai Chi", to the straightforward and righteous Iron Fist in "The Four", and from the sweet talker Leung Kai Yin in "Speech of Silence" to the supercilious and self-willed Sing Ka Chun in "D.I.E.", these are characters of Kenneth Ma's that he had left a memorable image in the audiences' heart. In November, Kenneth Ma will be coming to Canada, and perform at this year's Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant. This will allow the audience to anticipate his arrival.

Thankful for Career and Family

Kenneth Ma is more and more acceptable by the audience, and he is filming series after series. This includes modern and ancient, and he is currently wrapping up "Shall We State the Case". He is busy to the point that it is difficult to interview him. After much planning with his manager, we were finally able to contact Kenneth a couple days before Thanksgiving. The reporter first asks him if he remembers Canada's Thanksgiving Day, he laughs, "I lived in Vancouver for many years how can I forget such a big holiday? At this moment, I should also say some things that I am thankful for. For my career to have such good results; I feel very thankful. Also, I have a great family, my parents that love and support me, and two sisters that care for me. It is very fortunate to have a loving family, so I am very thankful". Others around Kenneth can feel the joy on his expression.

Upon mentioning Vancouver, Kenneth admits that he very likes the place, "The calm, comforting, and leisurely lifestyle is very different compared to fast pace Hong Kong. After a tiring day of work, I will occasionally think of the days in Vancouver. Even if it is the fearful shovelling snow or cutting grass, it is a type of enjoyment. After I finish Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, and if time permits, I would really want to go to Vancouver, and visit my old friends".

Most Respected Instructor Law Koon Lan

Before the emigration tide in 1997, Mother Ma along with her three children immigrated to Vancouver. Therefore, Kenneth has a deep affection towards the people and matter in Vancouver. "In UBC, I majored in the one everyone sees as the boring mechanical engineering. To be honest, there is no slacking off in this major. And for me to make it to graduation, it is not a simple matter!" After completing university, Kenneth returned to Hong Kong hoping to open up a new world, but he had never thought that he would encounter the financial crisis. It was because of this financial crisis that made it very difficult for Kenneth to find a job. "I have mailed out 60, 70 application letters, but no reply. The only one I got a reply on was from TVB's Acting Class". In Kenneth's point of view, TVB's Acting Class was better than applying for unemployment insurance. He accepted the job at monthly salary of $4000.

In TVB's Acting Class, Kenneth admits that he had benefited much from it, and it had widened his horizon. "The instructors are very strict on us students. If the slightest mistake is made, the instructor will disregard their feelings and correct them in the big crowd of people. But as the saying goes, "Bright Teacher Comes Outstanding Pupil". As I think about it, I really have to thank every one instructor for their guidance. From their precious experience, I have learned a lot of knowledge on performance". This filial student most respected instructor is veteran Law Koon Lan.

"Iron Horse Seeking Bridge" Breakthrough Performance

"After entering TV industry, I deeply realized that working in this business, you mustn't mind of trivial matter. Especially at the time when I was a newbie, it was must to obey the PA's (production assistant) orders. Back then, whatever they had me to do; I'd do it. I would wait quietly, and would not talk back. Slowly, opportunity came!"

Entering the business for ten years, Kenneth is an artiste with many series. He has filmed a numerous amount of modern and ancient series Out of the two, what type of character does he like the most? "It doesn't matter what type of character I play. The fun part about filming is that each character you play will be different. As long as the script is well-written, and I can utilize my acting skill, then I will like it. I believe the performance space in filming ancient series is bigger. You can be pulled out of reality, such as flying on wires. When filming modern series, you must follow reality, and you cannot exaggerate too much. Out of all my TV series at this point, my most favourite is the not yet aired "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge". In the series, I play a martial artist with extraordinary skills, and a smart boy, too. But the character also has asthma, so when he has an asthma attack, he will not be able to use any of this martial arts. I believe I have a breakthrough performance in here because I have jumped out of the stable box".

In order to film a lion dance scene, Kenneth practiced with the professional stunt man. With the hot temperatures of summer, holding the lion head and moving it under the hot sun. His sweat was like rain drops. You can tell it was labourious work.

Performing Profession Can Be Very Long

"If there is a chance for you to do it, I shouldn't say it is labourious. Like I said in the beginning, for me to have the opportunity to develop in this industry, I am very thankful. I am more and more interested in this industry. As for awards, it is feeling at ease whatever the circumstance is. To be recognized [for my work] is a happy thing. But if I lose to my competitor, then that proves I still need to work harder. Someone once asked my how long I plan on acting? I can only say that there is no specific timetable, and I don't mind if I work until I am old. I see many veterans around me, they are all great actors with high degrees of proficiency acting skills, and they are loved by the audience. As long as I am happy, as long as the audience is still watching, and as long as the company will give me opportunities to continue and perform, then my performance profession can be very long". Other than filming series, Kenneth also performs on stage in other cities and countries. He says frankly, "These are the real money making opportunities!" It seems like Kenneth wasn't able to become a mechanical engineerer, but made a career change into acting. Not only is this the correct choice, but it is a long-term investment with an amount of interest!

Inner and Outer Beauty as a Standard

As for being invited to be a performing guest at this year's Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, Kenneth is full of anticipation. "It has been at least ten years since I was last in Toronto! When I was going to school in Vancouver, I had once gone to Niagara Falls with my mom and friends. I heard that for many years, Toronto's food has a very high standard. I hope to have the opportunity to eat some delicious food".

When mentioning the grand occasion of Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, Kenneth suddenly had more topics to talk about. "Canada is full of beautiful girls. In recent years, contestants from Canada have had great results at Miss Chinese International Pageants, such as, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, Aimee Chan, Christine Kuo, Christy Chung, etc. They are all publicly acknowledged as beautiful girls. They have grace and they have confidence. [To be able to perform at this year's Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant] It is such a rare opportunity to be in close contact with the contestants". In Kenneth' eye, what is his definition of a beautiful girl? He says, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different people have different views. It would not be fair if beauty is only judged from their outer appearance. I think beauty is the most eye catching when radiance is shines through from the inside to the outside. Also, a girl with a calm, refined, and natural performance who speaks orderly, and has wisdom will eventually be charming".

As for singing, Kenneth modestly says he is not a singer, so he is not comparable to a professional singer. "But, I like to listen to songs, and I have learnt under an instructor before. So I have learnt some skills in singing. As for this performance at Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, I hope the audience will support me". Actually, his theme songs for "Man in Charge" and "Survivor's Law II" have already been known to the audience. On the night of Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, the audience will be able to see this popular artiste's demeanour, and admire his singing. Kenneth, Canada's TV fans are anticipating your arrival!

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