Susan Tse's role as a villain in "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience"

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Susan Tse's role as a villain in "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience"

Post by summer7879 on Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:10 am

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Susan Tse's role as a villain in "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience"

Susan Tse's popularity has gone up very rapidly recently. Just the phrase of "Jeh Jeh(sister) wants to borrow something from you, it's your head" in is scary enough. In "Rosy Business", she played the role as the first wife(大奶奶), she was top in the internet for her popularity for being a "villain". Susan has been in the entertainment industry for 46 years. She joined TVB from ATV less than two years ago. Who is to say a 56 year old cannot have a career in this industry again?

Talking about her role as the Grand Empress in , her popularity is no less than that of Charmaine Sheh's "Lau Sam Ho" and Tavia Yeung's "Yiu Kam-Ling". In , she portrays a ruthless character, in order to protect her position as the almighty "Grand Empress", she constantly hurts Empress Cheng (鄭太妃) played by Mary Hon. The reporter asked whether she thinks her role was too ruthless? Susan disagreed "Grand Empress is the grand daughter of Kwok Chi Yee (Tang Dynasty General), she came from a very rich and powerful family, and Empress Cheng was a feet maid, from a very low class. They were just like the modern day first wife and the second wife (mistress). Under this circumstances, how can I as the Grand Empress not wanting to get rid of her. Just look at me, I worried someone might snatch my husband when I was young, and I worry about my son the Emperor when I am old. If you were me, am I a villain?"

While everybody was cursing the Grand Empress, Susan laughed and said the audience should watch the episode when the Emperor died. The Grand Empress was betrayed by Ma Yuan-Zhi (Joseph Lee) and ended up a painful death. Susan said "In this series, I use my eyes to act. At the beginning, I used my eyes to look at the concubines, but at the end, I used my eyes to show I was desolate. I was practicing that at home, I couldn't help "eyeing" my husband. He was so frightened and asked me why did I look at him like that for?"

Susan had put on 10 pounds in weight for that role. She said "The background of the series is in Tang Dynasty. It is well known that the women in that era were plump. In fact it is good that I put on a bit of weight because I do look a bit better on screen. Moreover, the head decorations are very heavy, when we were filming, we had to be so careful. We even had to wear a neck collar to protect our neck when we were not in front of the camera. I must praise the producer for considering all the details in the costume design. The higher the rank, the more sophisticated the head dress and the costume are, and everyone's decoration is different."

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Re: Susan Tse's role as a villain in "Beyond The Realm Of Conscience"

Post by kingfai30 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:25 pm

Susan Tse’s is such a great actress in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience series and she deserves to get Best Supporting Award because she is very good playing her evil role.

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