Tavia Yeung was determined to portray her villain role well

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Tavia Yeung was determined to portray her villain role well

Post by summer7879 on Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:13 am

Credit ; Source: New Daily
Credits: Jessie's Blog

Tavia Yeung was determined to portray her villain role well

Tavia Yeung who entered this field for 10 years, always portrays “good girl” roles. On the 10th year, Tavia Yeung changed her style and portrayed a villain role, Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. It is considered a hard task for Tavia that treats making fun on peoples in real life as the only evil things that she will do. However, as Tavia heard that someone laughed at her and said that she couldn’t portray villain role, therefore she was determined to portray her villain role well.

Actually, “evil” is actually strives hard for something in the eyes of Tavia Yeung!

Tavia Yeung who always portrays a good person expressed that she was longing to try out villain role from last time. The Yiu Kam Ling role in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience really made a big difference in Tavia’s roles. Although Tavia transformed from a good girl to an evil person this time, but Tavia did not worry too much about it. This was because she already built a good foundation in audiences’ heart.

Win audiences’ heart

Audiences were longing to watch Tavia’s performance as a villain role. However, she felt that this role was a promise and a challenge for her. “Everyone said that I couldn’t do it. Everyone said that my look doesn’t seem like a bad person.[You don’t look like bad people], [You try to laugh wickedly for us to see?]. Everyone said the same thing and even producer also said the same thing : [You can portray a villain role or not?] Therefore, I was determined to portray the evil role well.” Although this was her first time portraying a villain role, however Tavia Yeung felt that “evil” was not a hard task for her. How to grasp the rhythm and the feelings of even pattern of dialogues in ancient series were even more hard.

When talked about Beyond The Realm Of Conscience that became a hot topic even before the series is aired, Tavia Yeung expressed that although there were predictions that [Beyond] would become a popular series, but she never predicted that she was picked as hot favourite for Best Actress this year before the series even aired. This was because the series was yet to be air at that time.

“No matter how everyone said that it was good, but they haven’t watched it yet! Instead, I will tell them : [Calm down, let’s watch the series first. Don’t say too much first and let’s give comments after you all watch!] Therefore, when you asked me whether nervous or not in terms of awards? No! I don’t dare to put a high hope and I prefer to maintain at a stable position. I will only nervous about my performance. I portrayed a good person and would turn evil after that. How to win audiences’ heart, how come I will change and whether my changes are rational or not. Most important for me is feedback from audiences.”

Pirated Maggie Cheung

Yiu Kam Ling in [Beyond] would do anything to fight over fame but in reality, Tavia is opposite. She almost had zero rumours and zero negative reports after entered this industry for 10 years. If compared with other female artistes that used news to climb into higher position, Tavia worked diligently in silence. Tavia classified herself as someone that content with her position. Although she is not the type that will bounce into a high position in a short while, however, she was lucky that she improved year by year.

“Every year my career will improve although I will not suddenly bounce into a high position. Did I have a splendid result in my career? Of course I haven’t reached that stage yet. But it was better year by year!”

Tavia Yeung was once being named as “Pirated Maggie Cheung”. However, this title did not give her any benefits. If not, Tavia Yeung would not need to wait for 10 years to receive “Best Supporting Actress” award. Being in this industry for 10 years such a long period and there are only improvements nowadays in her career, but Tavia Yeung already felt contented.

“I felt that my achievements considered OK for these 10 years. There are peoples who felt that 10 years are a long period but at least I went through everyday happily. (When you see other artistes’ achievement are better, will you feel unhappy?) I won’t feel unhappy but I would think that [Wa, it will be so good if I’m same as them!] Just like Linda Chung, her album selling was good and many people listen to her songs. But actually she puts a lot of efforts to gain these. When I knew that release albums need to practice singing and dancing, my first thinking was [Die! if I’m her, I will become crazy!] Although I want to become like her, but I think I’m lazy type. (If there are chances?) If there are chances, I will do that. This is because the chances come and I’m still young and will do it first and if I don’t want, the chances will go away. Everyone wants this chance and if the chance is in front of you and you don’t want, it is a kind of waste!”

Lazy but wants to earn money

Tavia Yeung is so funny. She said that she is a lazy person but wants to earn more money. “Actually my character does not fit but when I’m too tired, I will become lazy!”

Although Tavia Yeung expressed that whatever she does now is because of money, but when asked about her feelings if she receive Best Actress award, she forgot to calculate the earnings after she win Best Actress award. “If I win the awards, I will have to treat dinner. Treat dinner is not a problem but this is a social interaction. I’m afraid of social interaction. (So you prefer slowly climb?) No choice. This is my character. I hope that someone can help me to socialize and I pay the bill then it is OK. If no chance to gain awards, then I just have to work harder next year, really! (You can ask for increment after you receive the awards. I thought you said that you work for money?) Hahaha! I’ve forgotten that!”

Laugh aloud three times

Before I said goodbye to Tavia, I mentioned that some friends said that her eyes are full of lively expressions. Tavia Yeung who was having her lunch laughed aloud three times when she heard that. She said, “This is the most important thing for an actress!” Yes, maybe for her, awards are just to make perfection still more perfect. The acknowledgement from audiences is still the most important thing for her!

Personal record

Name: Yeung Yi
English Name: Tavia
DOB: 30th August
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Favourite artiste: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Faye Wong
Hobbies: Watch movie, reading
Series: Moonlight Resonance, Fathers and Sons, Heart Of Greed, Dicey Business, The Academy, The Prince’s Shadow, Twin Of Brothers etc
Awards: TVB Most Improved Actress 2003, South Golden Awards Most Potential HK Artistes, TVB Best Supporting Actress 2008

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