Tavia Yeung, Next Stop Best Actress?

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Tavia Yeung, Next Stop Best Actress?

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:22 am

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Tavia Yeung, Next Stop Best Actress?

Recently the hot topic in TVB is the winner of Best Actor and Best Actress. Amongst the competition for Best Actress, [Fourth Mistress], Sheren Tang and evil imperial concubine in [Beyond], Tavia Yeung are the hot favourites. Tavia Yeung received [Best Improved Actress] in 2003 and [Best Supporting Actress] last year. Will she make it again this year and become Best Actress?

Tavia Yeung who was born in 1979, already entered this field for 10 years. She graduated from 12th TVB Acting Training Class in 1999. At that time, she was given the title [Pirated Maggie Cheung]. Recently, she received many awards and she was given recognition in her career.

Luck increases after 33 years old

Fengshui master, Ding Kap Mui expressed that Tavia Yeung’s horoscope is Goat. This year although clashes with Tai Sui, but it will not leads to decline in fortunes. “[Clashes with Tai Sui] is considered not a good thing for some people, but it is different for an artiste. As [Clashes with Tai Sui] represents many attacks in this year, but for an artiste, many challenges can lead to development in career. Moreover, based on the analysis of Tavia Yeung’s fate, there will be development in her career achievement.”

However, Tavia Yeung belongs to Wood in the five phases of Chinese philosophy. She will have to compete with others in terms of awards and even have to compete few times. Moreover, Tavia’s career and popularity will increase after 31 years old and 33 years old. Master Ding said, “She will have fire luck at 33 years old. Her fate suits fire and there will be more development chances in her career and her career road will become smoother. Therefore, it will be big chance for her to win awards!”

How evil is Kam Ling

Tavia Yeung who portrayed villain role, Kam Ling, does all the evil deeds and is detested by everyone. In reality, what type of people is considered as an evil person? Master Ding said, “From a face angle of a person. If a person that has the face features as follows, then he/she is considered as having an evil appearance, including a stick out eyebrow bone, a distant eyebrow, huge deep lively eyes, thin lips, spinning ears, small ear hole, cheek bone behind ears, low ears etc. Other than that, high, long, and straight nose or crooked nose, and it looks like an arch when we look from the side of the nose, these peoples are categorized as having evil appearance naturally.

So, is Tavia Yeung considered as having an evil appearance? Master Ding laughed and said, “Tavia Yeung has a pair of kind-hearted eyes and only has minor part of face features of an evil appearance. Like (high, long, and straight nose, a pair of huge lively eyes, thick eyebrow) can only be categorized as vicious appearance and not evil appearance.”

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