Moses Chan not afraid of getting advertisement jobs stolen

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Moses Chan not afraid of getting advertisement jobs stolen

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:25 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan not afraid of getting advertisement jobs stolen

Moses Chan and Wayne Lai are currently in a heated battle for TV King title, yesterday at an award ceremony hosted by TVB Weekly and the two bumped into each other. Moses won the strongest king of commercial award, while Wayne got the most popular commercial king award. Moses slightly surpassed Wayne for this round, he modestly expressed: "Chai Gau is really amazing, I support him too. He is my idol." Worried that advertisement jobs will get stolen? "We are both in different lines, there's none of that. I hope that we can collaborate again in a TV series." Speaking of the magazines saying that his nose area is suffering from lost of hair: "Moses Chan not afraid of getting advertisement jobs stolenWah! touch wood, no such thing!"

Wayne was asked about if he gets TV King, his advertisement salaries will get better, he said: "I take your word for it, there are odds for being the hot favorite too. There are some things that are hard to control." Does he support Sheren Tang too? "4th Mistress and Chai Gau only had an okay ending, if we get an award together, then it will be a beautiful ending."

Charlene Choi was also present at the ceremony and was crown commercial queen. As for if she and Gillian Chung will be going their separate ways to fight for better salaries for advertisement jobs? Ah Sa said: "Fortunately. I don't want to say it because I don't want trouble. But both of us getting higher pay, one will not be as high." Speaking of Edison Chen, he's starting to accept advertisement jobs too? Ah Sa said: "What does that have to do with me!"

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