Ray Lui felt no pressure since returning to TVB

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Ray Lui felt no pressure since returning to TVB

Post by Matchbox on Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:26 am

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Ray Lui felt no pressure since returning to TVB

Since Ray Lui returned to TVB to film TV series "Born Rich" he has grabbed alot of attention. However he is not afraid of the TV ratings or netizens criticisms. He said "I feel no pressure. I feel as long as I have done my best that’s all that matters. The ratings for the series are not for me to decide. Netizens criticisms are just people expressing their individual opinions. People will have different views and I will accept their feedback.

Ray deliberately changed his acting techniques for his role as a breakthrough. He has never considered becoming the TV King. He said "I treat this award ceremony as an entertainment programme rather than a competition. But it#s good to acknowledge actors too. It also excites the viewers".

While filming the series Ray was able to work with the younger generation of artistes. This reminded him of how he used to work really hard in the past. The reporter asked him which current Siu Sang he finds has potential. He replied "Raymond Lam is very good. I have watched him in [The Master of Tai Chi] with Vincent Zhao. His martial arts scenes were quite good, he performed really well".
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