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Tavia Yeung : Yeung Sam Ho

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Credit : Source: Sudden Weekly Issue 745
Magazine Scans by: tavia.org
Credits: Jessie's Blog

Tavia Yeung : Yeung Sam Ho

In this generation, for anyone that has computer, can become a judge themselves. The hot topic now revolves around criticisms about Lau Sam Ho. As for Tavia Yeung, she is the hot favorite for Best Actress this year and will compete with Sheren Tang.

“I support Sheren Tang. I hope that she will get the award. If I win, I will be happy too. If I do not win, I hope that evil imperial concubine can open a breakthrough road for me. “

“Doing good deeds, speaking good words, showing good will'. How come Tavia turns into “Sam Ho”?

“Therefore, I’m worry that audiences cannot accept that I turn evil.”

Tavia entered this industry for 10 years and became a good person for nine and a half years with zero rumours and zero gossips etc. Will It be more suitable for her to portray “Sam Ho”?

Although interview stated that Tavia Yeung is the hot favorite for Best Actress this year, however Tavia expressed that she supports Sheren Tang. Not because in purpose but the competitor is really strong.

“If you ask me whether I hope to win the award or not, of course I hope. But I’m more towards reality. Anything will have to see properly first. I portrayed a villain role in [Beyond]. Wonder the audiences will like or not? I entered this industry for 10 years and became a good person for nine and a half years. I have the “obedient” sign on my forehead and my style has already stated at that position. Actually this is quite a big problem.”

Tavia Yeung is not as excited as expected.

“Actually, I’m not that ready yet. Will it be too fast to win Best Actress award after entered this field for 10 years? Even Louise Lee and Michelle Yim only received the awards after working for 30 years. Now all the news is created by media. I don’t know what company is thinking. The best is faces everything with normal attitude. Even if I never win the award, I will not be too disappointed.”

From last time till now, Tavia Yeung did not hope for instant success. As for the Fa Dan now, most of them came out from beauty pageant. She knew she had her own limited potentials and chose to enter training class instead and climbed up step by step. She graduated in 1999 and started from no name, no surname and no dialogues. Her early jobs scope included bringing out awards for Gallen Lo, who was the Best Actor that year.

“I thought that nobody would notice me at that time. However, the next day, I received a praising call from Artiste Department. It seemed that everyone did not like that job except for me that was smiling whole night.”

The world is fair. There are not many people like Tavia that did not mind to do a small job like this. Tavia Yeung knew her own position since last time. She does all her best in her all her jobs and leaves everything to fate.

“Outsiders always say that TVB will have favoritisms towards those contracted artistes. I wish to say that company will know whether we put efforts in our works or not. If we never put efforts, company will not support us blindly.”

Tavia Yeung received “Most Improved Actress” award in 2003 and “Best Supporting Actress” award last year. She seldom takes leave and films at least 4 series per year. She is the female artiste that films most series after Charmaine Sheh. When asked her to compare [Beyond] and [War and Beauty], she couldn’t give an answer.

“I never watched “War and Beauty” before. Even “Rosy Business”, I only watched 1 to 2 episodes only.”

Actually first line artistes really do not have time to watch series. They will keep on filming series and will only see results after few years. In the group photos in TVB Anniversary Lighting Ceremony, Tavia’s position is increasing year by year. Last year, she stood at 2nd line accompanied with Myolie Wu and Christine Ng. This year, she stood at the front line and accompanied with Charmaine Sheh and Dodo Cheng on the left. After them, standing in the middle is Uncle Six!

“I’m very happy to shake hands with Uncle Six. Since I entered this field, I only shook hands with him twice time. The previous time was when I received 10 years recognition award. It is nice to see a 102 years old man that is still so healthy and energetic.”

“I did not have much news all these while. I’m lucky that gossips seldom revolve me.”

There are advantages and disadvantages. Seldom appear on newspaper means that audiences might forget her. Last time Charmaine Sheh who organized a birthday party could appear on few magazines’ main page and Fala Chen became a hot topic amongst audiences after wearing bra only in series. What about Tavia Yeung?

“Each time only happens on other peoples. Whenever reporters asked me to reply a few words, then I would appear at the dialogue box with the reports. Maybe you all can just treat me as not qualified enough to compete. I prefer quietness.”

If want to compete, it would happen 10 years ago and would not wait until now. Tavia Yeung is qualified enough to compete but her character is lazy to compete. She does not have enemies and her best friends are Christine Ng and Claire Yiu.

“I’m also close with Fala Chen. We will talk about our own problems. Everyone said that she appeared bitchy, but how come they all catch her sexy angle to photograph her? This is unfair for her.

Tavia Yeung defended her good friend. Really does good deeds, speaks good words and shows good will'.

“Actually as an artiste, who doesn’t want to climb to high position? If need to use strategy and means to do it, can we hide it? At last whether audiences accept you or not, will depends on what you have done. I rather become a ordinary artiste and will be respected in the future.”

“I think, after a few more years, there will be little kids that come over to me and said, [Yeung Yi Jie Jie, I watched your series since small!]”

Tavia Yeung belongs to the minority artistes that satisfied of her current position. Maybe it is due to her family background. She grew up in Shatin estate house. Her father passed away when she was 2 years old. Her mother re-married again after that. That time she was 7 years old and she called her step-father, “Father”.

“Father was a very conservative person. He loves us but he would not show it out and would do a lot of things for us. He was the one that cooked for our family. He knew my favorite food and always went to Mongkok to buy and cooked for me.”

Her step-father passed away in 2005. Tavia Yeung was filming “Land Of Wealth” at that time. She purposely took a few days leave in order to see her father for the last time.

“I feel regretful. I have not earned much money for him to lead a comfortable life. Now I will be filial towards my mother. My wish is that I can take my mother to go for vacation every year. Hope that I can take her to travel around the world.”

Earn money is Tavia’s biggest goal. She bought a property at Tseung Kwan O a few years back and now she wish to buy a bigger house.

“Last time there were many chances to earn extra income. However, there are newcomers now that are younger and sexier. If compared to us that are old, ugly and not qualified for sexiness, haiz, no chance!”

“I really envy my sister that can get married and give birth. She has a happy and blissful family. My niece is ½ years old now and very cute. But I don’t have time to think about my own marriage yet. I hope that I can work for another 10 years. If I’m still single at that time, at least I don’t have to lose both marriage and career. Moreover, marriage needs a partner!”

Before this, Tavia was rumoured with Lam Wai Kit and Yeung Ji Kiu. Regarding love relationship, Tavia blushed and felt shy.

“My love condition is blank now. Blank but comfortable! Rich (fu guai) boyfriend? No, the pants are very expensive?” [Pant expensive is also “fu guai” in terms of pronounciation]

It seems like many artistes are approaching 30 years old this year. For female artistes, there are Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Bernice Liu, Niki Chow, Ella Koon. For male artistes, there are Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Amigo Chui, Jay Chou, etc. Even artistes will also grow up. “I always tell myself : I’m 30 years old already! I will get used it it if I keep on reminding myself.” Tavia Yeung will treat it as a new start for her. “But as you say, Lam Fung also 30 years old? I really don’t feel that. I always feel that he is much older than that.” All the artistes stated in the list above have gone through their own tough times. If compare, whether there are awards or not, Tavia Yeung definitely is a lucky person.

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