Linda Chung hopes to portray a villain

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Linda Chung hopes to portray a villain

Post by Matchbox on Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:52 am

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Linda Chung hopes to portray a villain

Linda Chung appeared at the recording for TVB’s J2 Programme "N.I.B" ( My Name Is邦) yesterday. She stated that she wasn't worried host Amigo Chui would be hard on her with his questions. She said "I am not afraid of him asking about my rumours because there is nothing. I can answer the questions openly. The reason I have come on the show this time is to promote my album". Linda also revealed that she had been watching TV series (Beyond the Realm of Conscience). "I really enjoy watching it. It would be great if I could play Tavia’s role in the series. I would like to portray a villain role. I have never played an evil character before. I always play the good roles but it’s quite difficult playing these roles too. In addition, I would like to portray a blind and handicap person”. (Who do you think will receive the TV Queen award?) “I think Sheren Tang or Tavia Yeung will be awarded the award”.
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