Nnadia Chan rumoured missing for a few days

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Nnadia Chan rumoured missing for a few days

Post by Matchbox on Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:13 am

Source: On.cc
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Nnadia Chan rumoured missing for a few days

Nnadia Chan was rumoured breaking up with Mainland actor Zhang Duo who she dated for 3 years. Yesterday there were claims on the internet that due to Nnadia feeling hurt she had been missing from her home for a few days. Reports claimed that Nnadia's family and company haven't been able to contact her.

Due to the rumours spreading fast, the reporter phoned Nnadia yesterday. Her assistant Miss Law answered the phone. the reporter asked her current situation. Miss Law replied "I don't know, I only know that she was in the United States earlier". (Has she broken up with boyfriend Zhang Duo?) "I don't know". (Rumours claim that her family haven't been able to contact her either?) "I have heard reporters mention that". (Have they been arguing?) "I haven't heard of that". The reporter also tried to contact Zhang Duo yesterday. When Zhang Duo heard the reporter he only said "I can't hear you" then quickly hang up. Afterwards his female assistant picked up the phone. When asked about the rumoured news of the couple breaking up, she replied "Did you read that off the internet? I don't know anything". (Has Zhang Duo been in contact with Nnadia?) "I don't know".

It is said that Zhang Duo has denied to the people around him about the break up and stressed that the relationship was still stable. He knew about Nnadia visiting the United States. Yet thhe couple have been in contact. As for the reason she deleted his articles and pictures off her blog, it is said that she was going to discontinue writing her blog.
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