Frankie Lam denies losing HK$50000 on gambling

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Frankie Lam denies losing HK$50000 on gambling

Post by Matchbox on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:55 am

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Frankie Lam denies losing HK$50000 on gambling

A magazine reported that while Frankie Lam's wife Kenix is pregnant he went to gamble and lost Hk$50000. Yesterday the reporter phoned them about the reports. Kenix stated that Frankie wasn't involved and it's all a load of nonsense. They have passed the case onto their lawyers. Frankie said "This has really ruined my image. I have spoken to my lawyer and will definitely sue the magazine. Normally I don't mind pictures published of me with made up stories, but now the paparazzi's are going too far. If I don't speak up this time they can call me a murderer next time". The reports stated that Frankie went to Macau with Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chui Kit). Frankie disclosed that he doesn't even know Gabriel so why would they be together?
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