TVB Sales Presentation 2010; Bosco Wong&Fala Chen winners with 4 series each

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TVB Sales Presentation 2010; Bosco Wong&Fala Chen winners with 4 series each

Post by summer7879 on Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:14 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

TVB Sales Presentation 2010; Bosco Wong&Fala Chen winners with 4 series each

TVB Sales Presentation's purpose is to introduce new series for the upcoming year. This year Bosco Wong and Fala Chen both have 4 upcoming series, making them the winning artistes of most series. Fala will join the cast for , receiving strong support from TVB. Gold Medalist gymnast Liu Xuan (劉璇) enters the entertainment circle, joining John Chiang in new series (女拳).

After Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan continues with their new ancient drama (公主嫁到). This time, Charmaine plays the 3rd Princess who will marry the 4th Prince of gold manufacturing company played by Moses. Liza Wang will be working with Christine Ng and Joe Ma (秋決). As for the sequel (法證先鋒III), it was seen on the sales presentation poster that there is only Kevin Cheng, Raymond Cho and Mandy Cho, no sign of Bobby Au Yeung or Yoyo Mung. However, the synopsis did mention the two of them, Bobby's character will be suspected to have murdered Yoyo. It is not known if the series will actually film or if the two artistes will be participating. As for last year's TV King, Ha Yu, there are no series that include him in the sales presentation.

On the variety shows side, Eric Tsang will be hosting for (世界遊戲王). Sandra Ng will continue to host for the (星星同學會至尊版). New TVB show <荃加福祿壽> will be welcoming Hong Kong artistes playing different legends, such as Madonna who will be played by Liza Wang, while Michael Jackson will be played by Joey Yung. TVB also plans to broadcast MJ's music documentary movie next year.

Source : Wenweipo

Bosco Wong's Series: (4)
Martial Arts Master - 武偈大師
Growing Through Life - 摘星之旅
Mind-Reading Detective - 讀心神探
Sorry, I Love You - 對不起,我愛你

Fala Chen's Series: (4)
Legend of Pu Songling - 蒲松齡
Rosy Business 2 - 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情
Lo Lan . Si Lam . Tsui Ka Woi - 老蘭、士林、徐家匯
Arrival of Princess - 公主嫁到

Linda Chung's Series (3):
Legend of Pu Songling - 蒲松齡
Cross Boundary Exploration - 冏探查過界
Arrival of Princess - 公主嫁到

Kate Tsui's Series (2):
Martial Arts Master - 武偈大師
Reunion - 團圓

Raymond Lam's Series (2):
Shall We Speak the Case - 談情說案
Growing Through Life - 摘星之旅

Kevin Cheng's Series (2):
Legend of Eagle-Wolf - 鷹狼傳奇
Forensic Heroes III - 法證先鋒Ⅲ

Charmaine Sheh & Moses Chan Series (1):
Arrival of Princess - 公主嫁到

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