Tavia Yeung : I am fighting for the award!

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Tavia Yeung : I am fighting for the award!

Post by summer7879 on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:28 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Sunday Issue 622
Magazine Scans by: taviayeung.com
Translations: Lee @ www.simplyfungyi.com
Credits: Jessie's Blog

Tavia Yeung : I am fighting for the award!

Nothing can happen in a year’s timespan. But to Tavia Yeung, people’s popularity and statuses are changing through the 365 days, 8760 hours that past. Their visions are also changing. Luckily, all these changes are encouraging.

The turning point for Tavia was last year’s “TVB Anniversary Awards”. She won the “Best Supporting Actress” award with her character as “lo neui” (??) and was considered as the dark horse. Who knew this dark horse would suddenly be heavily promoted by TVB. She became the first female lead for the grand production “Beyond the Realm of Conscience”. In recent years, all artistes who played the antagonist have good luck. Tavia, who has never played the antagonist in her ten years in the entertainment industry, decided to take part as the unscrupulous princess. Her character stands out from the rest and she has plenty of screen time, beating TVB’s #1 sister, Charmaine Sheh. TVB’s target is obvious. It is to promote Tavia Yeung. It is a battle between “sei lai lai,” Sheren Tang and TVB’s “biological sister,” Tavia Yeung. There is also a rumour saying that Kenix Kwok is ready to sign a contract with TVB in exchange for the award.

“Whatever you say, I won’t have any pressure,” Tavia said calmly. ( Not fighting for an award? ) “It’s best if Sheren wins it. I’ll be happy too if Kenix wins it. Charmaine might be winning it at the end, haha..”

In less than 3 seconds, she suddenly changed her mind and said: “But if I answer it that way and TVB finds out, they’ll think I don’t have motivations and then I’m doomed. I’m fighting! I’m fighting! I am fighting!”

Hey! Don’t just say it if you don’t mean it!

The Result of “Lo Neui”

“Yiu Gam Ling” from “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” is actually Tavia’s first antagonist role in her ten years in the entertainment industry. We all can see she is a role model under TVB’s management. The concept before, was that if you wanted to become popular, you must be good people doing good deeds (in the series) . It is best to have a happy ending too. It doesn’t matter if it is old-fashioned, as long as your image is clean and children don’t learn bad things.

The problem is, Tavia has been a good person for ten years. She filmed almost 50 series. Which character do you remember?

Besides “lo neui” from “Moonlight Resonance, that is. It’s still “lo neui,” I guess.

“The character “lo neui” did, in fact, changed my world. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, it’s not that everyone changed their opinions about me, or their attitudes.. of course, there’s a lot of people who recognize me when I go out and sometimes call me “Ah Yuet”. I am happy, but the most biggest change is my vision. It’s like it suddenly became broader. I have a bright future ahead of me.”

From second lead to first lead, seeing things differently is only natural. For example, she was placed at the front right in the middle. Compared the last year’s position (3 rows from the front), this year’s position is better. The camera man can see her better.

When it’s time for you to get promoted, even if you don’t work hard, you can still become big. You’re only working!

“After “Heart of Greed” aired, I was actually disappointed. “Dai Bao,” “Dai Kai” and “Sai Kai” were always on the newspaper and became hot topics. I want to be talked about too, even if it’s bad. But in the end, all they said was that my hairstyle looked nice. Haha.. I was supposed to be in it, but I feel so left out. Good thing the series did not give up on me, otherwise I wouldn’t be me today.

Yes, without “lo neui” there wouldn’t be a “Gam Ling”. From what I’ve observed, TVB actually cares about this actress from training class. Even though she started out with small roles, TVB already gave her the leading role in 2002. Why was she disappointing? There’s a lot of possibilities. It could be her roles, or maybe audiences just don’t like her. Maybe she doesn’t have any luck. It’s hard to promote her when audiences know she exists, but don’t look forward to watching her.

Her chance came. “Lo neui” made Tavia very popular. TVB finally can promote her. They recruited #1 fa dans and siu sangs like Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan to look after Tavia. Before they even started filming, there were rumous that TVB decided to give the Best Actress award to Tavia Yeung.

“Look after me? I don’t think so. Anniversary awards are usually this grand. I don’t think the series is created for me. It’s just that my character is the biggest villain, which is why it caught so many attention. When I found out that I was playing “Gam Ling”, I was very happy. I’m no different than the old Tavia Yeung if I played “Lau Sam Ho”. I told TVB that I wanted a breakthrough role and now I finally get one.”

Hard to be a Villain

Even if you waited for the chance, you have to know how to use it. The series is half finished, but everyone thinks Tavia is not evil enough.

“It has not reached the climax yet. When I was filming, I was afraid that I was too evil, and the audience cannot accept Tavia Yeung hurting people. So I didn’t have the guts to go act all the way. But Producer Mui wanted me to go all the way. There was a few scenes were I had NG-ed. The funny thing is, my manager told me that if anyone called me “Yiu Gam Ling” on the streets, that I look back, or else someone might chuck eggs at me. But I want to be yelled at when I go out. It proves that I did well and the audience is into it.

Even though Tavia Yeung isn’t a gentle lady, it is difficult for her to yell out load.

“Charmaine and I have a lot of arguing scenes. I have to ask Michelle and Susanna. I already learned so much when I was filming “Moonlight Resonance” with them!”

“Gam Ling” was good but turned evil. Her emotions were unstable. It is harder to do emotional scenes. Tavia said that when she couldn’t get into her character, she would be disappointed.

“I remember there was a scene where Charmaine stole the position of Head of Jewelry from me. The director wanted me to act like it was really unfair to me. I had to let tears from my right eye out first, use my hands to wipe it, stop the tears, and then let the tears from my left eye out. I had to keep on trying because the director wasn’t satisfied. I tried all night until I had to try again the next day. I was disappointed and didn’t know what to do. You know I can’t control how my tears roll. I just had to keep trying. Luckily, it was OK at the end, but there was a lot of NG. I cried until my eyes were swollen.

Charmaine is really good at it. She cries and stops whenever she wants. She’s really calm and professional.”

Since we’re talking about Charmaine, why not bring up her rumored boyfriend, Kevin Cheng? Tavia knows best if the two had something going on during filming.

“I didn’t notice. I don’t have many scenes with Kevin. I eat with Charmaine almost everyday, unless she finished eating with me and then goes with “whoever”, that I don’t know. Haha..”

Tavia is well-known for keeping secrets, that’s why she has a lot of male and female friends in the entertainment circle. But maybe it’s because people think she is less aggressive and isn’t harmful, thus no one is jealous or comparing themselves with her. Still remember “Angels of Mission”? That time, there were rumours saying that Charmaine and Sonija Kwok were bullying Shirley Yeung. People who are nice are usually the ones getting bullied.

“There’s a lot of people who said Charmaine and I won’t become friends, and that she will bully me. But she is actually a straightforward person. We’re both people who say whatever is in our minds. We’re friends. She told me to buy her a present when I’m going to Hokkaido to film.”

It’s very simple. Charmaine Sheh, who is TVB’s #1 sister, doesn’t need to fight for fame with you. In their eyes, you both are at different levels.This is the time to appear like she has style of a great general.

Sheren Tang for Best Actress

The people around Tavia tend to hate that “iron cannot become steel”. You cannot find the names of her competitors or enemies in her dictionary. Even though she became a hot favorite for the “Best Actress” award, she appeared careless. Does she want to win it?

“Sheren Tang is the best actress in my heart. She should’ve won the award a long time ago. She is a great actress and everyone likes her. If she wins, everyone would clap loudly. Even though everyone is saying I have a chance, it doesn’t affect my mood. You might think that I don’t care, and even a bit emotionless, but if you think of it another way, it’s just because my EQ is high. I don’t give myself too many pressure.”

There were rumors about Kenix Kwok using the contract in exchange for an award. It seems to be getting more complicated.

“I don’t believe TVB will trade awards for contracts. If you don’t have strong acting skills, the audience would complain. What’s so bad if Kenix won the award? That’s double the happiness for Kenix, and it also means her baby is good luck.”

Are you destroying your own status?

“It’s not that I don’t have confidence in myself, it’s just that I must plan for the worst. Even if I don’t win any awards that night, I will stay happy and watch the winner on stage.”

To Tavia, acting is just a job. Her responsibility is to do a good job and earn a living. She is like a public worker.

“I admit I am missing an ambition. My manager told me that there was a job that was almost confirmed, but then I suddenly wasn’t a part of it. I then thought to myself “yes! I finally can take a break!”. This carefree feeling and the requirements for my job don’t mix together, but I am happy! I remember I just graduated from training class and I was responsible for bringing out the awards. Of course, the focus was on Gallen Lo, but when I received the call, telling me to do it, I was really happy. I found out that the others really hated the job, and I was the only one that would smile. If you do something wrong, someone will know. I then realized that you have to do your part of your job in the entertainment industry.”

Her part of the job is much different than a common artiste. We all have a consensus. Gossips, rumors, filming and singing is a package.

“There have been some media who wanted make some fake news with me, it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that I don’t have the guts to. I am actually a chicken. I don’t know whether to look at the camera or not when they want me to pretend to be photographed. What if the readers found out I was faking it if I look at the camera? That would be embarrassing. Not doing it is better than doing it.”

To be honest, it is a miracle that Tavia have this achievement today.

Soft Spot

Tavia’s soft spot is actually singing. Actually, I’ve never heard her singing voice before, so I don’t know how bad it actually is.

“It’s actually a psychological problem. If it wasn’t to earn a living, I wouldn’t have the guts to walk on stage and sing.”

She said her title song is Sammi Cheng’s “Forever Beauty” and Teresa Teng’s “I Only Care About You”. The other two songs are still uncertain.

“I can memorize a lot of lines, but I can never remember lyrics. I’ve sang “Forever Beautry” 97000 times, but I am still anxious. I would be so nervous and would have to go to the washroom so many times before going on stage. Someone told me to release an album, but I shook my head without thinking it over.”

Her soft spot is singing, our soft spot is listening to actors/actresses who don’t know how to sing.

Good thing our ears don’t have to be punished once more.


- We’ve never seen Tavia this evil as she was often casted as the good character.
- In the series, Charmaine and Tavia started out as good sisters, and then turned into enemies. Besides arguing scenes, they have a lot of crying scenes too. Tavia said Charmaine’s crying skills are better than hers.
- Last year, Tavia received the “Best Supporting actress” award. She was touched and cried.
- The focus in “Moonlight resonance” was supposed to be on Raymond and Linda’s love story. However, Tavia and Moses’s outstanding performances stole the focus.
- In 2001, Tavia was discovered by her resemblance with Maggie Cheung. She was casted in “The Awakening Story” as Maggie’s little sister. She finally waited for a role with a name.
- In 2003, Tavia was given the leading role in “Twin of Brothers”. She collaborated with Raymond Lam and Ron Ng. The response was not bad.

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Re: Tavia Yeung : I am fighting for the award!

Post by summer7879 on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:50 am

i really enjoy watching her in Beyond, her shotting so great and so villian...
Tavia did done a great job in Beyond

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