Lukian Wang (Springroll) faints and vomits, sent to hospital

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Lukian Wang (Springroll) faints and vomits, sent to hospital

Post by Matchbox on Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:21 am

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Lukian Wang (Springroll) faints and vomits, sent to hospital

Recently Johnson Lee has been dating Lukian Wang Bo Bo (Springroll from TVB's Food Angels). She attended an event yesterday as Hong Kong's representative for Miss International Modelling contest 2009. During the event she vomited and had a nose bleed, also fainting. She was taken immediately to hospital. The organisers of the contest have rules that only incoming calls can be taken, therefore she wasn't allowed to call boyfriend Johnson. She returned back to the hotel to rest and didn't attend the evening dinner.

The reporter made a visit to see how she was. She appeared to be very ill and the table had a bag of tablets. She said "Today after I eaten I felt unwell. I wanted to vomit all the time. After vomiting twice I became weak and was fainting. Also I had a headache and nose bleed. I was sent to hospital straight away". (Are you worried?) "I found it very strange as I have never experienced that before. When I arrived at the hospital I vomited again. The doctor said I was too tired, he also recommended me to have a brain scan and blood test but I refused. I don't think there is anything to worry about".
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