Joey Mak learns Wing Chun to be a fighter

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Joey Mak learns Wing Chun to be a fighter

Post by Matchbox on Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:20 am

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Joey Mak learns Wing Chun to be a fighter

Joey Mak joined TVB by competing in Miss Hong Kong 2007 pageant. She left a deep impression on the audience when she was picked as one of the Food Angels for TVB's Beautiful Cooking as (Cream). Recently she has had the opportunity to host show's such as (Scoop) and shoot a few TV series. She said "I have learned a lot of things from hosting. I am able to adapt and change things quickly". Joey expressed that she is able to create an atmosphere now and her speaking skills have improved.

Earlier she had the chance to work with Ron Ng in shooting TVB series (The Queen of the Office). She excitedly said "I play his younger sister in the series. I also play a security guard who knows martial arts". Due to her role, Joey went to learn Wing Chun. "I really enjoy playing sports. That's why I feel the role is very suitable for me. I hope to give the audience a refreshing feel".
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