Joey Meng cooks for her mother

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Joey Meng cooks for her mother

Post by ron1404 on Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:06 pm

Source: Sina 12.11.2009

Joey Meng cooks for her mother

Joey Meng was invited to appear on TV program (Cooking Mama) to show her cooking talents. She shared her pageant moments and her love for her mother. She also said she would specifically cook for her mother to thank her for raising her up. Joey who has always been a good girl loves her mother very much. She described her mother being very tough. She said "When I was living in Yuen Long my mother was very strict with us. She would be watching us all the time and we would be caught out easily. I feel my mother is very outstanding, she had 3 jobs in order to take care of us. It was very tiring for her". She expressed that no matter what the future brings, she will always love her

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